From The Chief’s Desk: The MVPD Family

Today is a day that reminds me that our Mountain View Police department is a family.  It is today that I announced the promotion of two of our own to the rank of lieutenant.  Two very talented and committed police professionals Keith Plamondon and Jessica Nowaski were announced as our two new police lieutenants.  The lieutenant rank is a key management rank and serves on my Command Staff.  I and the community rely greatly on the judgement and decision making of those who serve in this position.  Many within the building I know are proud of what Keith and Jessica have accomplished and so many of the people current and retired have played a part in making them who they are today.  I feel extremely fortunate to have such outstanding police professionals join my command staff.

In the same day I have the pleasure to announce these promotions, I also had the somber experience of gathering with many of our past and present MVPD family members to remember one of our own who past away recently.  Over seventy five gathered in our auditorium to meet, remember and celebrate a great person who worked with us for many years.

Celebration of new opportunities and friends we miss all in one day….MVPD…a family experiencing all the ups and downs of any other family.

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