National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week


In 1991, the United States Congress proclaimed the second full week of April of every year as “National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week.”   This year, April 14-20th is dedicated to the men and women who serve as public safety dispatchers.

Public safety dispatchers are often the Department’s initial point of contact with the community during an emergency or time of need.  The dispatcher’s role is crucial in gathering information, assessing chaotic situations from a remote location, and deploying appropriate emergency resources when time is of the essence.  In 2012, Mountain View Police Department’s dispatchers handled 71,499 police incidents, 5,484 fire incidents, 874 public works incidents, and 3,225 incidents for Mid-Peninsula Open Space.  They received 29,604 emergency telephone calls and 52,001 non-emergency calls.  They are the calm voice that connects the community to public safety resources and they serve a vital role for ensuring our safety as first responders and for the community.

The skills, knowledge, and dedication each dispatcher exhibits while assisting the public and first responders deserves recognition not only during this week of celebration, but throughout the year.

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