What Does It Take To Become A SWAT Operator?

The MVPD SWAT team combines resources and personnel with the Los Altos PD SWAT team to form a regional team that  is capable of responding to critical incidents in either city.  The team also trains and maintains close ties with the Palo Alto PD and Sunnyvale DPS SWAT teams; both of which can be called upon in a time of need. To be selected for the SWAT team, police officers must pass a rigorous physical agility test, interview panel, and a psychological stress evaluation.  The Physical Agility Test (video) includes the following events:

  • Two mile run in less than 16 minutes
    • 1 minute break
  • Sixty (60) sit ups in less than two minutes.
    • 1 minute break
  • Thirty Five (35) push ups
    • 1 minute break
  • Five pull ups
    • 1 minute break
  • 10 yard body drag (180-200lb)

Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 2.26.03 PM

Since its inception in 1989, the MVPD SWAT team has handled a variety of incidents, including hostage rescue, barricaded subjects, and high-risk apprehension and warrants. SWAT has also provided crowd control at labor and political demonstrations and personal protection to visiting dignitaries, including support for the United States Secret Service.  The Mountain View/Los Altos Regional SWAT Team trains constantly to maintain a high level of readiness and protect the two communities we serve.


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