Crime Suppression Units Makes Sizeable Arrest For Marijuana Sales

BookingOur Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) recently made an arrest on the 700 block of San Pierre Way after obtaining a search warrant. Detectives from CSU located more than two pounds of marijuana and several grams of concentrated cannabis, plus over $1,000 in cash, a .22 rifle and all the parts for a butane honey oil lab. Stuart Keith was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana for sale and booked into the San Jose Main Jail without incident.

Honey oil labs, which can be as dangerous as meth labs, produce a very concentrated form of marijuana by extracting oil and THC similar to the consistency of honey. If you have any information about similar set-ups in Mountain View, place an anonymous call to our drug tip line at 650-961-5800, or call the MVPD at 650-903-6344.

STARMVPD’s Crime Suppression Unit handles burglaries, auto thefts and financial crimes. Investigators in this unit also handle special enforcement projects such as narcotics, vice, intelligence and covert operations. They also assist in major investigative cases. Our investigators are assigned to regional task forces, including one devoted to auto theft one for high-technology crimes, one for street gang, and one for narcotics and major crimes.

3 thoughts on “Crime Suppression Units Makes Sizeable Arrest For Marijuana Sales

  1. cathi nordin

    This is pretty cool stuff. Thanks for all you do to protect the citizens of MV (includes my son & 2 granddaughters).

    1. Mountain View PD

      Hi Cathi — Thank you for leaving your comment! We will pass this on to the CSU team. And it is our pleasure and duty to help keep all the citizens of Mountain View safe, including your son and two granddaughters!

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