MVPD’s 2012 Annual Report Released


Mountain View Police Department’s 2012 Annual Report is in, and we continue our community-wide effort to reduce crime and ensure a sense of safety in Mountain View! Here are some key highlights:

ADMINISTRATION/OFFICE OF THE POLICE CHIEF provides leadership and direction essential for operational effectiveness, and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the department, for tracking all major community policing actions, for coordinating actives between division and for coordinating joint police and fire administrative services.

  • 1,800+ Mountain View Police Activities League youth members served
  • Continue to set the standard for police professionalism
  • Oversee the use of resources and ensure efficiency and effectiveness

FIELD OPERATIONS is responsible for providing all uniform police services to the community with primary functions around responding to criminal activity and calls for service in an effective and timely manner. This division also includes Patrol, Traffic, Operational Services, Community Action and Information and Crime Analysis. Additionally, this division coordinates Field Training Officer Program, Police Service Dogs, SWAT, Crisis Negotiations and Bicycle Patrol.

  • 8 Patrol Teams provided coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • 13,477 Patrol Officer Dispatched Calls For Service (does not include self-initiated incidents)
  • 20,014 Officer Initiated Activity
  • 267 Police Service Dog Deployments
  • Officers averaged handling 126 calls for service a day, or 5.3 calls per hour
  • 2,833 Volunteer and Explorer hours worked
  • 3,210 Traffic Officer Initiated Activity
  • Response time to emergency and Priority 1 calls was 4 minutes or less 55.8% of the time
  • 46,115 Total Calls For Service (both Dispatched Calls and Officer Initiated)

Banner INVESTIGATIVE SERVICES DIVISION is responsible for reducing and solving crime and for providing specialized administrative services. From coordinating preventing and outreach efforts for youth to recruiting to supporting local, regional state-wide and national homeland security efforts, this division includes Investigations Section, Personnel Services and Professional Standards.

  • 535 Cases Assigned  (includes both Person Crimes and Crime Suppression)
  • 36 Gang Cases
  • Regional Task Force participation including: REACT, RATTF, SCCSET and SSTF
  • 84 Cases Cleared By Arrest
  • 26 Press Releases


PUBLIC SAFETY SUPPORT SERVICES DIVISION is responsible for providing essential administrative and technical services to the Police and Fire Departments. Management and Fiscal Services, Public Safety Systems, Police and Fire Records, Emergency Communication and Property and Evidence are all included within this division.

  • 7,631 Case Reports
  • 12,001 Citations
  • 779 Warrants
  • 52,007 Non-Emergency Calls
  • 29,604 9-1-1 or Emergency Line Calls
  • 71,449 Police CAD Incidents Generated
  • 5,484 Fire CAD Incidents Generated
  • 9,512 Property and Evidence Items Processed
  • 1,791 Cases Filed with DA

To read the full report, go to MVPD’s site here.


is to lead the community-wide effort to constantly reduce crime
and ensure a sense of safety in Mountain View by providing quality services that

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