Mountain View Tobacco Report Card An “A” Three Years Running

For the past several years the City of Mountain View has received a Tobacco Retail Environment Report Card sponsored by Tobacco Free Coalition of Santa Clara County, Community Advocate Teens of Today and Santa Clara County Public Health Department. We’re proud to announce we received an “A” for the third year in a row!

photo 2

Our “A” grade underscores the importance of tobacco compliance both to the City of Mountain View and the Mountain View Police Department. The health and safety of our residents and visitors is of the utmost importance to us; and our continued efforts to enforce tobacco compliance help us in our mission. We are extremely proud of our “A” grade and thank all of the businesses for adhering to our policies.

photo 3

Greg Finch, Campbell Police Department Police Chief, speaking at the Tobacco Report Card Press Release Event in Campbell, CA

The Tobacco Retail Environment Report Card provides grades to all cities and the County of Santa Clara for their efforts to protect the health and safety of youth from using tobacco products through control policies and enforcement. Santa Clara County received an “A” grade along with the following cities: Campbell, San Jose, Milpitas, Mountain View and Saratoga. A huge congrats to all!

Extra credit was given to jurisdictions for additional enforcement, community education outreach such as education in schools, follow-ups on complaints and attending tobacco-related training opportunities, and for promoting lasting policy solutions, such as secondhand smoke policies.

Our Tobacco Compliance Program is run through our Community Action and Information Unit (CAIU) who utilizes volunteers to assist in maintaining high compliance standards. Police Assistant Crist, who works in CAIU, is a critical component when it comes to the coordination of our program. MVPD Explorers, a program run through our Youth Services Unit, are essential during decoy operations. They are another important aspect in determining how our polices are being enforced.

You can learn more about the Tobacco Retail Licensing program by visiting their site.

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