Theft Suspect With Priors Apprehended In Stolen Vehicle


On June 2, 2013 at approximately 8:26PM Officer Berger was flagged down by WalMart Loss Prevention regarding a theft that had just occurred. Officer Berger learned that the suspect fled in a white Volkswagen (VW) northbound on San Antonio Road from California Street. He then advised other MVPD units to lookout for the suspect’s vehicle.

Officer Stahl, who was nearby, decided to take a post at the intersection of Charleston Road and San Antonio. While there, Officer Stahl saw a vehicle matching the description of the VW and was able to effectively stop it on southbound Highway 101 near Shoreline Avenue.

“WalMart security did a good job of flagging down Officer Berger who disseminated suspect info out to other officers. Officer Stahl then quickly took up a post in a location where she would most likely see the suspect’s vehicle. As a result of her excellent position, she managed to see the vehicle, stop it and apprehend the suspect. This arrest demonstrates great team work between WalMart security and the police department,” says MVPD Sgt. Leal.

The suspect, identified as Michael Brooks, was found to be driving a stolen vehicle out of Fremont, CA. Suspect Brooks was booked into San Jose Main Jail for Petty Theft with Priors, Theft and Unlawful Taking or Driving of a Vehicle, Receipt of Stolen Property, Resisting, Delaying or Obstructing an Officer and Driving While Privilege Suspended or Revoked for Other Reasons.

StahlOfficer Stahl has been with MPVD since 1999 and is currently assigned to Patrol where she is also a Field Training Officer. Prior to that she was part of our traffic unit (motors). In addition to her patrol duties, Officer Stahl is also an active member on the following teams: Crisis Intervention, Dual Purpose Motorcycle and Bicycle Unit. Off-duty, she works as a substitute school teacher and is a University of Oregon graduate where she became part of their Athletic Softball Hall of Fame.

STAROfficer Berger has worked for MVPD for 10 years and is assigned to the Field Operations Division. Prior to that he worked in the Investigative Services Division as a Fraud and Financial Crimes Detective. Officer Berger is a graduate of Santa Clara University and enjoys photography, cycling and basketball.

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