Officer Gonzalez Represents MVPD At Gilmore Street Block Party


Officer Gonzalez (left) talks with residents Nayana S. (middle) and Kathy C. (right) of Gilmore Street. Photo courtesy of Carla K.

It is tradition for MVPD to send an officer to help kick-off Gilmore Street’s 4th of July block party. This year, however, proved to be a bit challenging as we were busy taking calls for service. Sadly, this caused us to be late to the Gilmore Street block party.


Fortunately for us, the Gilmore community is very forgiving! Officer Gonzalez, who has represented MVPD for the past two years, wasn’t able to make it out to the party until it was almost over. By then things were winding down, but he stopped by anyway to say “hi” and passed out stickers to the kids. It wasn’t too long before he was called away to another call and had to say good-bye.

Despite the fact that we didn’t get to kick-off this block party, a yearly MVPD tradition, we still received a very thoughtful email from the Gilmore Street residents. With their permission we’re sharing it here.

I wanted to send a huge thank you to MV Officer Gonzalez.  Though he was unable, due to multiple calls yesterday, to attend our 4th of July block party, he came by at around 5:15 PM – when a the party was winding down – to say hello, pass out some stickers to kids, and chat before he was called away a little while later.   It was an awesome gesture, especially since he was on his bike and the day was so hot.  It spoke volumes to the hard work and community spirit throughout the MVPD.

One of our neighbors, Louise G. speaks for all of us when she says in an email, “Perhaps there was a good lesson for our children in not having the officers with us. That is, that the fire and police departments are always willing to give up their “fun” to protect and assist us.  Their dedication is a great role model for our children. So, thank you to the fire and police officers!!”

Thank you Carla K. and Louise G. for taking the time to share your photos, your story and your kind words about Officer Gonzalez and MVPD!

Officer Gonzalez

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