How To Text MVPD Good Intel, Anonymously

We recently launched an anonymous text tool courtesy of TipSoft that doesn’t require you to download an app. You only need four things:

  1. A phone capable of sending and receiving text messages.
  2. MVPD’s number: 274637
  3. Include “mvtips” in the body of your text so it comes to us. This only needs to be in your initial text message.
  4. Good intel. You can add attachments, like photos and video, to your text message.

What type of activity do people report?

  • Non-urgent, illegal activity
  • Info on unsolved cases
  • Vandalism
  • Narcotics sales and/or distribution
  • Theft
  • Wanted suspect
  • Crimes being planned in the community
  • Crimes at schools

MVPD is fortunate to have another way for you to share info with us. But remember, text tips are not a replacement for dialing 9-1-1 in the event of an emergency!


Send tips to: 274637 and include in the body of the text: mvtips. This will ensure the tip comes to us.


When we respond to your anonymous SMS, you will see us represented by our number 274637.

When we receive a tip, this is what the interaction looks like from our end:


From MVPD’s side, we do not see any identifiable information, like your cell phone number. Any texts you send to us are labeled “Tipster.”

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