City Seeking Resident Input On Animal Ordinance


The City of Mountain View supports safe and healthy communities for people and animals, and strives to foster conditions that promote an environment where animals and humans can co-exist free from conditions that adversely affect their welfare.  Through its City Code, the City encourages responsible pet ownership in addition to ensuring that the residents of Mountain View are able to safely and peacefully enjoy their community.

The City of Mountain View’s current animal ordinance was adopted in 1972 with minimal changes since.  The City is now in the process of reviewing Chapter 5 of the Mountain View City Code related to Animals and is proposing a series of amendments with the purpose of clarifying existing provisions, updating the ordinance to reflect current needs, and incorporating the animal welfare industry’s best standards.

Some of the topics being considered include:

  • Number of animals allowed in homes
  • Rabies vaccination of cats
  • Pet licensing
  • Microchips versus metal tags for pets
  • Dogs in City parks

The City Council has asked that residents provide their opinions as part of the process.  Residents can provide input by completing an on-line survey or by attending a community meeting.

The survey can be accessed on the City’s website at, or at the URL:

Residents are also invited to attend a community meeting.

WHEN: Thursday, August 29, 2013 at 7 p.m.

WHERE: Community Center, 201 South Rengstorff Ave

The information obtained from the survey and meeting will be presented to the City Council as part of a study session tentatively scheduled for September 17, 2013.  A recommended ordinance will be prepared for the City Council’s consideration later this year.

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