Arrests Made Thanks To Proactivity & A Known Victim


Suspect Abel Menera out of Mountain View.

On August 27, 2013 at approximately 4:34AM, Officer St. Laurent was on foot patrol in the 1900 block of Hackett Avenue when he spotted a subject walking with gardening equipment. Upon contacting the subject, Officer St. Laurent recognized him as Abel Menera, who is on parole and has had numerous gang-related contacts with MVPD.


Theft occurred on the 1900 block of Hackett Avenue.

While speaking to Suspect Menera, Officer St. Laurent observed the suspect’s physical appearance indicating he was possibly under the influence of a controlled substance.  Suspect Menera was subsequently placed under arrest for 11550(a) H&S (Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance) and take to San Jose Main Jail. The tools in Suspect Menera’s possession were booked into evidence as Officer St. Laurent could not identify the owner.

At approximately 6:37PM — also on August 27th — Officer Fairchild responded to the 1900 block of Hackett Avenue to take a theft report. It turns out the victim of this theft had several gardening tools stolen from their vehicle, including a weed whacker and yard clippers.

MVPD officers communicate with one another through a secure, on-line system allowing teams to post and share critical intel.  Earlier in the morning, Officer St. Laurent had photographed the items Suspect Menera had in his possession and posted photos of the property to this system. Officer Fairchild was able to pull up these images and show them to the victim while out in the field. Once the victim identified the tools as possibly his, additional charges were added to Suspect Menera’s case including 496(a)PC (Possession of Known Stolen Property) and a parole hold.


Suspect Royer Dzib out of Mountain View.

This case continued to develop when later that evening Officer T. Gonzalez made contact with Suspect Royer Dzib.  Officer T. Gonzalez recognized Suspect Dzib as having a warrant out of Mountain View. With the assistance of K9 Officer Hansen, Suspect Dzib was stopped in the area of Rengstorff Avenue and Central Expressway. Officer T. Gonzalez confirmed Suspect Dzob had not only one but two more warrants for his arrest totaling $35,000 for various Health and Safety violations.

Upon searching Suspect Dzib, Officer T. Gonzalez found a wallet in his possession. The wallet contained various forms of identification belonging to the victim of the vehicle theft Suspect Menera may have taken the gardening equipment from. Suspect Dzib was placed under arrest for his warrants, 496PC (Possession of Stolen Property) and 466PC (Possession of a Burglary Tool). He was booked into the San Jose Main Jail without incident.

Acting Lt. Fisher,  the catalyst behind our internal system explains, “This platform allows our officers to submit and share relevant information, upload photos and update a particular incident through a micro-blog. These updates are crucial on cases where time is of the essence. ”

MVPD INSIGHT: Recognizing the need to protect our community from gangs and gang-related crimes, MVPD created a Gang Suppression Team (GST), which operates as a branch within our Youth Services Unit (YSU). The GST is comprised of officers with extensive knowledge of gangs, gained from law enforcement experience, professional training and information exchange with other law enforcement agencies. If you think your kid(s) may be part of a gang and/or starting to get involved, call YSU to request a home visit: 650-903-6344. Please ask to speak to someone in our Youth Services Unit or our Gang Suppression Team. Remember, you can always provide us with anonymous messages via text to 274637. Be sure to include “mvtips” in the body of your message.

Reconociendo la necesidad de proteger a nuestra comunidad de las pandillas y los delitos relacionados con las pandillas, MVPD ha creado un Equipo de Supresión de Pandillas (GST), que funciona como una rama dentro de nuestra Unidad de Servicios a la Juventud (YSU). GST está compuesto de oficiales con amplio conocimiento de las pandillas obtenida por experiencia policial, entrenamiento profesional, y el intercambio de información con otras agencias de la ley.  Si usted cree que su niño(s) puede ser parte de una pandilla, o comenzar a participar con las pandillas, llame al departamento de policia, para solicitar una visita a su casa: 650-903-6344.  Por favor, preguntale por alguien en nuestra Unidad de Servicios a la Juventud o de nuestro equipo de Supresión de Pandillas. Recuerde, usted siempre puede mandar mensajes anónimos a través de texto al 274637.  Asegúrese de incluir “mvtips” en el cuerpo del mensaje.

MVPDLogoSmallOfficer St. Laurent is a nine year veteran of MVPD and is currently assigned to Patrol where he works the graveyard shift.

Officer Fairchild, who has 8 years experience as an officer, is a recent lateral hire assigned to patrol.

Officer T. Gonzalez has been with MVPD for 9 years. He began his law enforcement as an Explorer before going on to USF for his undergrad. Officer Gonzalez spent time as a narcotics detective with MVPD and is currently assigned to patrol.

Officer Dorene Hansen has served MVPD since 1993 and was previously a Community Service Officer and Reserve Police Officer. For the past 19 years she has also worked on our Field Evidence Team. Officer Hansen is currently the handler of K9 Odin and prior to that handler to K9 Larry from 1999-2006.

3 thoughts on “Arrests Made Thanks To Proactivity & A Known Victim

  1. Jim Anderson

    Wow, great job Officer St. Laurent (on foot patrol at approximately 4:34AM!) and MV Police! This is right down the street from my house… it could have been me. Also kudos to Officer T. Gonzalez, Officer Fairchild and Officer Dorene Hansen – great job. Thanks for all you do.

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