K9 Congrats To Odin On His First Human Find


K9 Officer Hansen and her partner Odin (click on photo to see it in actual size).

Odin Aus Der Glockenbergsschaferei (or as we like to call him, “Odin”) is an almost two-year-old German Shepherd who loves his ball and Kong-On-A-Rope. But on August 27, 2013 it wasn’t fun and games as Odin got down to business on a call involving a restraining order violation.

K9 Officer Hansen and Odin arrived on the 400 block of Moffett Boulevard at approximately 5:21PM to assist other MVPD officers. Odin was tasked with tracking the suspect who was last seen fleeing westbound over a fence and into an apartment complex on the 400 block of Sterlin Road.

With a cover officer accompanying them, Officer Hansen and Odin set out to track the scent of the restraining order violator. Officer Hansen said of Odin, “He is always great in training, and I thought this might be a great opportunity for him to put that training to the test.”


Odin is always alert!

Only recently has Odin begun to train in the art of human-tracking, which requires patience, consistency and focus. For a young dog, this can be a difficult undertaking, but Odin has shined under the watchful eye of his handler. So as he kept his head down and began trailing a scent, Officer Hansen was optimistic. Odin continued to follow a trail only seen by him alongside a building heading south and then west ultimately leading to a dumpster. It was there that he alerted to a subject, which is where Officer Hansen found the suspect hiding. All of Odin’s training had paid off!

It is unusual for a K9 this young to find their first human so early in their career, but Odin is off to a fantastic start. We are very fortunate to have him as part of our team and in the Mountain View community. All that he asks for, in return, is his Kong-On-A-Rope!

MVPD INSIGHT: When you violate a restraining order, we will take every measure to ensure we protect those who the order is in place for. Please adhere to the stipulations of your court order, and refer to the County of Santa Clara Restraining Order Self-Help section for more information. If you know someone is in violation of a court order contact us at 9-1-1 if it’s an emergency, or our non-emergency line at 650-903-6395. Remember, you can always provide us with anonymous messages via text to 274637. Be sure to include “mvtips” in the body of your message.

Recuerde, usted siempre puede mandar mensajes anónimos a través de texto al 274637. Asegúrese de incluir “mvtips” en el cuerpo del mensaje.

HansenOfficer Dorene Hansen has served MVPD since 1993 and was previously a Community Service Officer and Reserve Police Officer. For the past 19 years she has also worked on our Field Evidence Team. Officer Hansen is currently the handler of K9 Odin and prior to that handler to K9 Larry from 1999-2006.

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