Zeus Finds Over 100 Pounds Of Marijuana


Zeus has done it again! For those who are not familiar with this amazing K9, he is one of our narcotics dogs assigned to the Santa Clara County Specialized Enforcement Team (SCCSET). Zeus’ primary job is to use his highly-trained, Labrador nose to locate illegal narcotics hidden in all sorts of creative places.

On October 8, 2013 at approximately 8:30AM Zeus located over 100 pounds of marijuana packaged for out-of-state sales during a warrant service in Santa Clara County. Additionally, Zeus found $75,000.00 in U.S. currency in a safe and alerted on a drawer that contained a baggie of cocaine.

Since joining the narcotics task force in June 2012, Zeus and his partner have located approximately:

  • 912 grams of methamphetamine
  • 2300 grams of marijuana
  • 210 grams of heroin
  • 200 MDMA Pills (Ecstasy)
  • 150 grams of cocaine

Learn more about MVPD’s K9’s here, and watch for more Zeus posts on our Facebook page.


Zeus gives us a proud smile as he waits his squeaky toy!

7 thoughts on “Zeus Finds Over 100 Pounds Of Marijuana

    1. Virginia Quackenbush

      Zeus, ” a supreme deity of the ancient Greeks” now embodied in a beautiful four legged creature who watches over and helps to protect his most appreciative community. All drug peddlers BEWARE.

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