Participate In #poltwt With Us Today! Find Out How You Can Contribute To Global Tweet-a-thon

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Friday, November 1st not only marks the beginning of the Thanksgiving countdown, but it is also the day we participate in a global Tweet-a-thon. Law enforcement agencies from around the world will connect on Twitter to collectively raise awareness about how social media is used to outreach to the communities we serve.

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Mountain View Police Department will begin Tweeting today at 4:00PM until midnight. You can follow us @mountainviewpd or at the #poltwt hashtag where you’ll also learn about other agencies from around the world.

You can help guide our Tweets throughout the day by sending in your questions or comments via the form below. Come 4:00PM, you may start to see your question answered!

To make the Tweets easier to follow, check out our #mvpd or #poltwt Tagboards. Just don’t forget to click on the load new post button (right side of page) to update your feed.

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From the hours of 4:00PM until midnight we’ll be posting more than usual for the #poltwt event. Please take note of this especially if you have notifications set-up for our department to your phone and/or email.

Have you signed up to receive our Nixle notifications? Don’t miss out on the next important Mountain View Police alert. Text your zip code to 888777, now!

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