City Of Mountain View Parking Permit Updates Starting January 1

Did you know the City of Mountain View has a downtown parking permit program? If you are a Downtown Parking District business, an employee of one or a resident, you can purchase an annual, quarterly (new for 2014), monthly or daily parking pass.

Starting January 1, 2014, The City will update their parking permit program for specific downtown parking structures, so we wanted to take this opportunity to explain the process and our enforcement of these areas. To get an idea of where the various (and official) parking structures are located, please reference the map below. You can also download it here.



The map shown above is part of a larger report (Mountain View Downtown Parking Permit and Alternative Parking Analysis), which you can find here. The report compares our current fees with those of other comparable cities (see below).

Parking Comparison

In turn, parking permit rates for 2014 have stepped-up to the new rates listed below. This adjusted rate schedule now includes a Quarterly option at $100/per quarter.

PassesParking enforcement by Mountain View PD will continue, but you can help us combat the issuance of tickets in a few ways:

  • Purchase a parking permit.
  • If you work in Mountain View, your employer may provide a parking permit as a benefit, so be sure to ask!
  • Adhere to the posted parking signs and their respective limits.
  • Consider carpooling with your colleague(s) to share permit cost.
  • Consider alternate methods of transportation.


For any parking related enforcement questions, please go to MVPD’s Parking and Towing page here. For specific questions about the report referenced above, please contact our Economic Development department here.

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