How Great Training Can Inspire – 4th Annual Community Service Officer Symposium


CSO Thrower has served MVPD for 12 years as a Community Services Officer

By Community Services Officer Thrower

I recently attended the 4th Annual Community Service Officer Symposium hosted by Fremont Police Department.  The symposium was held at Washington Hospital in Fremont, CA and it was my first experience with training specifically designed for community service officers.  The symposium was designed to provide education, networking and resources specifically for community service officers; and attendees represented police departments from throughout California.

The training was so much more than I expected.  The classes covered subjects from gangs, drug recognition, burglary trends, gun safety, social media, team building, peer support and Autism. Each subject was presented by representatives from Fremont Police, my own department (Mountain View Police) and private vendors.  I was impressed by each topic covered and it was obvious the instructors put a lot of thought and time into their presentation as each topic covered was intriguing, easy-to-follow and informative.


A look at the schedule for the 4th Annual CSO Symposium hosted by Fremont PD

As a veteran with 12 years in the industry, its not every day that you come back from training with exciting, useful and applicable information that you want to share with your colleagues. I credit this to the passion each instructor displayed when presenting the information to us. As an example, the presentation on Autism was especially powerful to me since I have close family members and friends who have children with Autism. This training will definitely help me to work with people in the Mountain View community appropriately and with more sensitivity when a person — or family members of a person — with autism is involved.

I also found great value in the team building and social media training exercises and presentations. The latter showed the dangers and benefits of social media, but also how we can use it as an investigative tool. Team building training helped me understand the challenges management face. I was able to see things from their side of the fence, which allowed me to realize that often management changes are not as personal as they may seen. Business decisions are definitely a challenge and it requires participation from both sides – line level and management — in order to be successful.

I would like to send a big “thank you” to Fremont Police Department and the staff from Washington Hospital for putting this symposium together.  It is rejuvenating to see a department that holds so much value and equality in community service officers. I am looking forward to attending the next symposium in 2014 with great anticipation!

Zamora J

Special thanks to CSO Zamora from Fremont Police Department and lead organizer of the 4th Annual Community Service Officer Symposium. “There are limited training opportunities for CSO’s and this Annual Community Service Officer Symposium really helps to keep CSO’s current on training standards and fosters communication amongst the profession.”

CSOwebsite5Community Services Officer Thrower began his career with Mountain View PD in 2002 completing his modular police academy courses in 2005 at the College of San Mateo. CSO Thrower was hired as a Level 2 Reserve Police Officer with this department in 2006 and was part of the reserve unit until 2011. Prior to transitioning into law enforcement, CSO Thrower worked in the electronic security industry. When he’s not taking calls for service, CSO Thrower enjoys motorcycles, camping and boating.

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