Help Us Identify Victims Of Bicycle Thefts

Mountain View Police Department arrested a suspect early this morning after he was reportedly seen stealing a bicycle. Through the assistance of a great witness, coupled with officers’ timely response to the scene, the suspect was apprehended and several bicycles recovered.

Please assist us in promptly identifying the victims of the bicycles discovered (pictured below) as a result of our arrest. If you believe one or more of the bicycles is yours, please call us at 650-903-6344 and reference case number 14-433. We will ask you to provide proof of ownership, like a purchase receipt.

12 thoughts on “Help Us Identify Victims Of Bicycle Thefts

  1. Julie Grosvenor

    What if mine was stolen on January 5th out of my backyard and I never reported it? The house was also egged, and my neighbor was egged. My bike has not been found.
    Thank you for sending out this community report. I hope others can reclaim their bikes.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Julie, we’re sorry to hear that your bike was stolen and house egged :-/ It’s always good to report any incidents like this as it helps us make the case for an arrest if necessary =)

      And, we appreciate your support!

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  3. Alex Hayton

    Sorry, I just realized that the comments aren’t photo-specific. The teal Electra cruiser-style bike with the white basket almost certainly belongs to LinkedIn. They provide that type of bike to their employees so they can move around their campus.

  4. Daniel Bilsky

    My bike was stolen from my apartment complex, but the bike is not in the group that is posted. I’m looking for a red specialized mountain bike. Thanks .

  5. Leya

    My bike was also stolen from an apartment complex, and isn’t here either. I’m looking for a light blue Giant Cypress Women’s hybrid bike in XS, purchased from the Off Ramp 5 years ago. Thanks!

  6. Jennifer Marek

    What a great service to provide. Unfortunately, my stolen bike (police report filed), is not among those recovered. I hope all the bikes get back to their rightful owners!

    Bike thieves suck. : /

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Jennifer, thank you for filing a police report. That’s a very important part of the recovery process! Thank you for the support, and we will keep on keeping on those thieves.

  7. KB

    I have a tip of a potential auspect” name in the conclusion of the Syplrn Bicycles in Downtown Palo Alto. His msne is Jerrry Charles Faassrn. He”s got srveral bilea kept in his storage on old middlefield way
    Public Storage. Ad well as I see him with new set if bicycles every two to three days.

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