MVPD Patrol Team 5 & K9 Zeus Kickoff Friday Night With Narcotic Arrest

Zeus (1)

Zeus kicks-off a weekend assisting MVPD Patrol Team 5 with a great narcotics arrest!

On January 31, 2014 at approximately 4:30PM, MVPD Officer Ienni, narcotics K9 Zeus and additional Team 5 patrol officers made a significant arrest of a wanted parolee, Ernesto Beltran, a 57 year-old out of Sunnyvale, CA. During a search, Zeus alerted on a bedroom dresser where officers located 11 grams of individually wrapped tar heroin bindles. Additionally, MVPD officers found $4,880 in U.S. currency, which was also confiscated as evidence. Beltran was booked into the San Jose Main Jail without incident.

“This arrest illustrates the importance of our patrol, K9 and investigative teams working together,” said Lt. M. Fisher. “Not only did this team make a solid arrest, but we were able to locate and confiscate heroin.”

Zeus’ current stats include locating:

1,089 pounds of marijuana
5 pounds of methamphetamine
200 ecstasy pills
1 pound of cocaine
1/2 pound of heroin

cropped-star.jpgOfficer Ienni is currently assigned to MVPD Patrol Team 5. He has served his community as a police officer for 7.5 years with 3.5 years of that time spent working for the Mountain View Police Department.

5 thoughts on “MVPD Patrol Team 5 & K9 Zeus Kickoff Friday Night With Narcotic Arrest

  1. Cathi Nordin

    Congrats to K9 Zeus, Officer Lenni and Mountain View Police Department on a job well done!

  2. cherry pie vet

    fuck that. the numbers are so messed up. how has he got 1000+ pounds of cannabis but only 5lbs of meth?!?!? GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT. CANNABIS DOESNT KILL. METH AND HEROIN, ECSTASY , AND COCAINE DO.

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