Combating Crime In The Heart Of Silicon Valley

Ultimately, crime information should not be limited to an individual city or county, but rather shared on a regional level.

Screen Shot 2014-02-11 at 11.20.58 PM

By Lt. M. Fisher

Nestled in the heart of the Silicon Valley, the number one region in the U.S. for innovation and technology, lies Mountain View, a city that quietly boasts an impressive resident population of 75,000. This population almost doubles with the daytime workforce from numerous high tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, and LinkedIn, as well as the various industry startups and venture capitalists that punctuate the city’s landscape. The combination of these varied elements makes Mountain View a unique location for the intersection of traditional law enforcement methodology and groundbreaking Internet technology.

And so the story begins. Learn how it ends:

MfisherLt. Mike Fisher is currently assigned to the Field Operations Division where he manages the weekend Patrol Teams, Police K9 Team and the Bicycle Team. He has been a member of the department for five years and previously served with the Los Angeles and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Departments. Lt. Fisher is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a degree in Political Science and completed his Masters in Public Administration from Norte Dame de Namur University.

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