K9 Odin Locates Suspects In Assault Case And Receives Compliment From Arrestee


Officer Hansen is to the left with Odin in the down position. Sgt. Leal is standing with one of the suspect. (Photo courtesy of a Mountain View community member).

On February 19, 2014 at around 10:28PM, Mountain View officers responded to the area of California Street and Rengstorff Avenue on the report of a possible fight involving 8-12 people. A juvenile male was located and identified as the victim stating he was assaulted with a rock by two suspects later identified as 20 year-old Jose Macias of Mountain View and a juvenile male.

Jose Macias

Suspect Jose Macias, a 20 year-old male out of Mountain View.

As units began to arrive in the area, the two suspects were seen running eastbound into the apartment complex located at 255 South Rengstorff. A perimeter was set-up and K9 Odin responded to the scene with his handler, Officer Dorene Hansen. Odin began to track the scent of the suspects eventually leading officers to the parking area near a patio. This turned out to be where the suspects were concealed. At some point, one of the arrestees proclaimed Odin as “awesome!”

Suspect Macias was arrested for 245(a)(1) (Assault with Deadly Weapon), 182 (Conspiracy) and 148(a)(1) (Resisting Arrest) of the Penal Code while the juvenile suspect was booked into Juvenile Hall for the same charges plus a curfew violation.

“This situation could have escalated had it not been for those in the community who contacted us about the initial incident,” said Lt. M. Fisher. “We were able to quickly respond to the scene and with the assistance of our K9, Odin, located the suspects resulting in two arrests.”

Sgt. K. Leal, who was with Officer Hansen during the tracking, said, “I am very proud of the team, as well as Odin’s abilities. It’s always remarkable to see a K9 pick-up a scent and then lead you right to the suspects you’re trying to locate.”

MVPD’s K9 unit is presently at 7 finds in 2014. To learn more about their accomplishments, go here.

MVPDLogoSmallSgt. Ken Leal is a 25 year veteran of the Mountain View Police Department. He is currently assigned to patrol team 3 where he oversees the weekday swing shift. Sgt. Leal is also part of MVPD’s Gang Suppression Team and has held a variety of specialty assignments including S.W.A.T., Field Training Officer and the Crimes Against Person Detective Sergeant.

Officer Dorene Hansen has served MVPD since 1993 and was previously a Community Service Officer and Reserve Police Officer. For the past 19 years she has also worked on our Field Evidence Team. Officer Hansen is currently the handler of K9 Odin and prior to that handler to K9 Larry from 1999-2006.

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