40D? 30 Cone Weave? MVPD’s Dual-Purpose Motorcycle Team


By Officer Chris Goff

The Dual Purpose Motorcycle Team was created in 2007 when Mountain View PD (MVPD) received a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety funding the purchase of four dual-purpose (dirt and street) motorcycles. MVPD acquired four 2007 Suzuki DR 650SE motorcycles and created a team of patrol officers assigned to assist our full-time traffic unit. This assistance comes in the form of traffic enforcement throughout the city, including Shoreline Amphitheater events, parks and patrols along our City’s miles of trails. Six officers were selected for this team and completed the grant’s required training, which they must pass annually in order to maintain a high-level of proficiency.


Come qualification day, this team is nothing but business!

We recently completed this training and wanted to share the required test patterns each officer must pass. “The Eliminator” consists of  the following:

  • a 180
  • 40 Decel
  • 30 Cone weave

“The Eliminator” is basically a series of tight s-turns requiring very slow speed maneuvering. The 180 is again a slow speed pattern requiring two upright 90 degree turns followed by a 180 slow speed turn.

In the 40 Decel pattern, the rider accelerates to 40 mph and then conducts an emergency breaking maneuver where the rider must stop within a specific distance without locking the wheels. Take a look at the video below of this particular test.

The “30 Cone Weave” pattern is used as an accident avoidance technique where the rider, at a speed of 30 mph, must weave through cone gates from left to right.

So the next time you see us riding around, you’ll know a bit more about how this team is utilized and the type of testing we must adhere to in order to be part of MVPD’s Dual Purpose Motorcycle Team. Ride safe!


Officer Chris Goff has been employed by the Mountain View Police Department since 2000 when he served as a Reserve Officer. He has been assigned as a Field Training Officer, a Drug Abuse Recognition instructor and was previously a detective assigned to the Regional Auto Theft Task Force. Officer Goff is currently a Motor Officer assigned to the traffic unit.

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