“Operation Safe Passage” 2014 Runs From Monday, April 21st Through Friday, April 25th

Officer Curns LIDAR

“Ensure a sense of safety on our roadways and in our community.” This is one of Mountain View PD’s focus and goals, and to help us achieve this we participate in “Operation Safe Passage.” With a focus on increased traffic enforcement in and around schools during drop-off and pick-up times, “Operation Safe Passage” seeks to protect children and to encourage safe driving so that children and adults who choose to walk or bike to and from school, can do so in a traffic-safe environment.

De La Ossa WaitingHow can you help us? Share this with your fellow community and take note of the safety tips we’ve listed below. These are good to know whether or not you have children.

You can also hear additional pedestrian, bicycle and auto safety tips on one of our podcasts (The Silicon Valley Beat) here. We’re also available on iTunes by simply searching for “Mountain View Police.” Look for our March 18th podcast.

Safety Tips for Drivers
1. Plan ahead and try not to be a rush during your morning commute. We know it’s tough, but just a few more minutes added to your morning commute can make a huge difference.
2. Don’t assume that kids will yield to you or other cars. Make eye contact with drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists.
3. Slow down and be attentive to your surroundings.
4. Put your smartphone down and don’t be distracted by emails, text messages, or apps. If it helps, turn your phone on silent or vibrate to prevent distractions.

Safety Tips and Reminders for Kids Crossing the Street
1. Walk to school with a group of kids and always have a responsible adult walk with you.
2. Always walk on the sidewalk if one is available.
3. If no sidewalk is available, walk facing traffic.
4. The safest place to cross is at a street corner or intersection.

Have questions about traffic, or want to report a traffic related matter? Go here.

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