POTUS Visits Mountain View May 8-9, 2014

POTUSThursday, May 8th and Friday, May 9th Mountain View will experience traffic delays as a result of the POTUS visit. While specific routes are not available at present, we encourage you to check the White House website for current and public information:

Thursday May

POTUS is scheduled to arrive at Moffett Federal Airfield at 3:50PM today. They will then head to a private residence and finally on to the Fairmont in San Jose.

On Friday, May 9th POTUS will arrive back in Mountain View and is slated to talk at WalMart located at 600 Showers Drive. All routes and times for POTUS are at the direction of the U.S. Secret Service and subject to change at any time. Mountain View PD is assisting with traffic enforcement, but expect delays throughout the City until POTUS’ departure.

There are a variety of media organizations who have reported potential routes and times, however we cannot verify any of these with the exception of what is listed above.

MV Voice


Follow us on Twitter where we will provide information — as we are able to — regarding closures and delays.

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