An Open Letter To The Mountain View Community About Officer’s Arrest

As we announced through a press release today, Officer Kevin Nguyen, a 7-year veteran of the Mountain View Police Department, was placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation and arrest by the San Jose Police Department. During an investigation conducted in conjunction with the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force Program (ICAC), Officer Nguyen was ultimately placed under arrest for a section of the penal code related to the possession of child pornography.

If true, the allegation against Officer Nguyen is deeply unsettling. However, we trust and have faith in our judicial system to conduct a thorough investigation resulting in the appropriate outcome. In the meantime, we will continue to cooperate with the San Jose Police Department as they proceed with their criminal investigation. Additionally, we have launched our own internal administrative investigation into the matter consistent with our department’s policies and procedures.

This is an extremely difficult time not only for our police department family, but also for the Mountain View community and for any innocent parties involved. Rest assured, we remain committed to providing the very highest-level of service to you and will work tirelessly to continue to provide a sense of safety, security and transparency to the City of Mountain View.

We will provide updates as we are able to, but please feel free to email us at or connect with our Community Action and Information Unit at 650-903-6344. While we cannot discuss an on-going investigation, we want to address and allay any of your concerns. Our doors are always open.

Anyone with information regarding the above case are urged to contact Detective Pierce of the San Jose Police Department’s Child Exploits Detail at 408-537-1381.

Updated: Have a concern, information or question regarding this a case related to this? Please call us at 650-386-8063.

42 thoughts on “An Open Letter To The Mountain View Community About Officer’s Arrest

  1. May Luevano

    This is to hard to belive I’ve know officer Ngyen for six years and he has always been so respectful and very helpful to us .we are sad to hear this but this DOSENT and shouldn’t change anyone mine on the mountain view police offers there still number 1 to me .i wish officer Ngyen and all the officer well and god bless you all.

  2. Jason Nordin

    I don’t know Officer Nguyen, but, I wanted to offer my thoughts and prayers to the MVPD and victims. Police work is not just a job, it is a way of life like no other civilian profession. Being current Military and previous LE, I truly empathize with how deeply this cuts and hurts. I am very sorry for the pain all are experiencing.

  3. Dominic

    My comment on this is im not supprisped it is about time the currupt officers of mountain view start being penilized for there behavior and child pornograpghy thats as low as you can get you piece of filth officer n. Thats just disgusting im appaled that i live in a city where my police officers are using child porn as a means of entertaintment. I think this is an eye opener to the type of police officers this department is hiring. I have had way to many cases where these police officers break multiple laws and are not repremeneded for it. I think other departments should start taking interest into mountain views becuase this isnt the only officer doing illegal stuff. These officers are gettig payed well over 80k a year in mountain view and they are abusing there power, and are not serving the people within it. I hope this is an eye opener for people and know that all mountain view police are the same they beleive in curruption so always take it the court if you get a ticket by them becuase the judge will deop it adter they realize all the lies and all the laws that were broken in order for them to give you that ticket. This is should be an eye opener for everyone be ware of the mountain view police

    1. enez

      i agree the mountain view police department is so corrupt i know first hand after police office MAGANA beat up my husband and his aunt while drunk at restaurant, then he and other officer threatened to deport my husband and his family members if they went forward with charges when we spoke to internal investigation they had no being scared we just didnt do anything.

      1. Mountain View PD

        @enez, this sounds like a very scary situation, and the words Mountain View Police and corrupt is not a combination we like to hear. Please give us a call at 650-903-6344 and ask to speak to the Watch Commander. We want to the best police department possible, but we need the community’s help. If you believe we have done something wrong, do not hesitate to call us.

    2. Jerome


      First off you need to take your time when writing a letter like this so that your points can be fully understood, you have several misspellings that make it difficult to understand. Secondly, have you attempted to contact the MVPD with your concerns? That seems like the best route to take in solving some of the issues you may have. I happen to know a few people in the department outside of their role in the police department and they seem to be very honorable people to me. I am not saying you are lying I just think you should not have this unresolved anger in you. Contact the department, voice your concerns, I believe you will be met with courtesy and helpfulness.


      1. Dominic

        Thanks for correcting my grammer
        And thanks for your opinion on the matter.

    3. Mountain View PD

      @Dominic, we are sorry to hear your thoughts on our department. That is certainly not the way we want anyone to feel about Mountain View. If you have not taken the time to do so, we encourage you to call our department at 650-903-6344 and ask to speak to a Watch Commander. You can do this at any time if you have any issues, concerns of questions regarding an interaction.

  4. Gloria

    This Is very sad. I lived in MV only two years and The two elementary schools that my kids attended, police officers ” volunteer ” to spend time with kids after school to ” help them ” to be better citizens and overcome some family situations. Probably it’s time to reconsider this as an option. The truth is that we can’t trust no one anymore. If this is true, hopefully this time there will be justice for the innocents ad their families. Bacause my own experience with the police, they always find ways to find them innocents , even when all the evidence is so clear and right there. They seem untouchable.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Gloria, we hope that one officer will not tarnish the reputation of others who serve, altruistically, this City. While we fully understand that it is difficult to think otherwise right now, we ask for a bit of grace in your heart and to take a step back and look at what we call the “totality of the circumstances.” Yes, law enforcement as a whole often does not do a great job when it comes to communication, but we are trying to change that. Unfortunately, the downside is that we must share the good and the bad. By doing so, however, it is our hope the community begins to more fully understand — and embrace — how law enforcement operates and the standards we hold ourselves to.

  5. chingon De mv

    I want to let people know that I lived in mountain view for more than 24 years and I have known officers form this gang task force and they need to be more conduct sometimes the abuse their power because I was a victim of getting beat up I did not do Say anything because my voice was not important for them I would not win a case

    1. chingon De mv

      Also cops in our town of mountain view have been using drugs on their own shifts I want a full rundown on every cop in my city this way we can all feel safe

      1. Mountain View PD

        @chingon De mv, we are not sure why you think Mountain View officers are using drugs during their shifts, but we would definitely like to talk to you about this. Please call us so that we may conduct the proper follow-up at 650-903-6344.

  6. Gary

    Wow! It is very hard for me to believe that that the MVPD would actually put this up for citizens to post their thoughts and feelings regarding the MVPD. As far as I can see, they are probably opening up a whole new can of worms. I agree with Enez and Dominic 100%. My experience with the MVPD has only ever been a negative one and think that there is more corruption going on than one might think. Many of their officers think that they are above the law and treat tax paying citizens as if they are better than us and very disrespectful. I would have made complaints by now, but MVPD aren’t the only paid public servants that act in this way. It seems to be a trend of police officers all over the country. I don’t hold grudges and I don’t hold on to anger. I forgive every POS MVPD officer that I have ever had the displeasure of running into and know that in the end, each and every one of them (they know who they are) will get what’s coming to them. I’m sure that they are not all bad. Just the ones that you might be unfortunate enough to interact with. Gary

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Gary, thank you for taking the time to write your comment. First off, it is extremely unfortunate that you’ve had such negative interactions with our officers, and for that we apologize. Secondly, it is sad to think you view this as a national trend. These two points, however, speak to why we gladly attempt to keep our “can of worms” open. We want the Mountain View community to talk to us and to ensure the exchange with their department is a consistent one.

      This arrest has resulted in comments from community members who have expressed displeasure with our department. Unfortunately, we have not heard from some of these people until now. Please, do not hesitate to contact us so that we can discuss — and properly address — your concerns. You can always reach out to us online, at the police department (1000 Villa Street), or by calling us at 650-903-6344 and asking for the Watch Commander.

  7. Rob Silano

    Thank you for your letter to the community regarding Officer Kevin Nguyen arrest. As always, the Mountain View Police Department practices “Open Transparency” with the citizens they serve. We are saddened to hear this news and please know that we support the mission of your department.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Rob, thank you for your supportive and thoughtful reply. This is not easy for any of us, but we hope to make it slightly less painful by sharing our concerns and getting through this together.

  8. Christian Gonzales

    I’ve been handcuffed and beaten to a bloody pulp by MVPD on 2 separate occasions and left in the bushes with my bike trashed and my glasses smashed so I couldn’t grab any names. They’re acting like they care just because of the publicity.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Christian, we are sorry to hear you feel this is for “publicity,” which is quite the contrary. This is not the kind of publicity we want.

      Most importantly, if did experience this at the hands of MVPD officers, please give us a call. While you may not have had names there are others ways we can attempt to track down information. You can reach us at any time: 650-903-6344.

    2. smithers

      Mmmm-hmmmm….Oh yes, I’m sure that happened. The cops had nothing better to do except to say, “Hey, see that dude on a bike? He’s got glasses on! Let’s stop him, beat him to a bloody pulp, handcuff him, and then leave him in the bushes—that sounds like fun”. By the way, Christian, if they left you in the bushes handcuffed, how did you get the cuffs off? And this was such a normal part of your day that you said to yourself, “Eh, I won’t report this to anyone… was kinda fun”. I don’t think there’s a person on this page who believes one word you said. Okay—so you hate cops. Big deal. You don’t have to go making up bizarre stories about nonexistent things that did not happen.

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  10. Ryan

    I applaud MVPD for policing there own, MVPD has always been professional and prompt anytime there’s been an issue in the area I live ( northend Rock st/ Middlefield ) many thanks to CSO Thrower.

  11. Daniel

    I feel very connected to the Police department reading the letter and it’s great to be included like this. I’m sorry also, these kinds of circumstances can’t really be seen in advance so it must have been a shock to find out. But MVPD integrity is recognized for prosecuting one of your own and I don’t believe it’s for publicity since it already has a good reputation.

    Much empathy & confusion over here.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Daniel, we are really happy to hear this. We very much want you to feel connected to this department — your department. Thank you for your much needed empathy. As for the confusion, this is also a common sentiment here, too. Thank you for your continued support.

  12. Marc Roddin

    Is possessing adult pornography illegal too or is it only a crime to possess child pornography? What is the cutoff age and how can you tell how old the victim is?

  13. Rich Riley

    Mvpd are nothing more then corrupt frauds. It seems nowadays internal Affairs are the real cops.

    The sex offender officer is prob free out in the street where he could possibly go and destroy more evidence he has hidden around. And I am sure his worthless buddies and their code of silence will just protect since, after all, they are a family.

    And they have the nerve to ask for money for their PAL organization, worthless thugs who want nothing more then a fat pension.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Rich, we are sorry to hear such anger in your words. If you are referring to a specific incident by all means give us a call and ask to speak to the Watch Commander. You can reach us at 650-903-6344 at any time.

    2. smithers

      Great, another cop hater with rambling, non-sensical comments and no specifics. We get it–you hate cops. But why write such a thing? MVPD is responding to you much more professionally and courteously than I EVER would.

  14. Ash

    It’s sad that many people have had negative experiences. Lets be realistic – unfortunately these bad things have always happened and not only in MV. Let’s not overlook the fact that 1. this potentially criminal police officer was identified and action was taken, and 2. the MVPD is brave enough to speak publicly here and open themselves up to our comments. This is a huge step towards identifying the previously unaddressed problems so that they can be addressed and fixed. I applaud the MVPD. This is brave and will hopefully be effective in helping you to identify and fight crime, inside and outside your org, going forward.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Ash, thank you for your comment and noticing our community outreach efforts to address issues, as well as provide transparency into what we do both positive AND negative. It takes a combination of individuals, the Mountain View community and law enforcement to ensure we keep our community safe, and continue to earn and build your trust.

  15. smithers

    People have to remember that police officers come from the general population of the world, just like any other job. There is no “Planet Police” where perfect human beings are pumped out. Police departments go through a VERY thorough background investigation on every employee hired. It takes six to twelve months to do this investigation, and it is very expensive. They know everything about you before you’re hired. From a written test, to an oral interview, a medical exam, psych exam, polygraph (lie detector) test, credit check, in-person talk with your neighbors and prior employers, and many other things. They check as much as is humanly possible. But because humans are imperfect beings, that means that sometimes, a police officer will slip through undetected and nobody will know about their “dark side” until something happens and it becomes known. There is no negligence on the part of the police department. They did EVERYTHING possible to check the employee’s background and it came up clean. Do not blame the department. When they learned of it, they immediately took action. This officer, I’m sure, will never wear a uniform again. It’s unfortunate for everyone all-around.

  16. Jim Husing

    I’m a retired MV police officer. I too am saddened to hear of the arrest of an officer. We are all sad to hear of this especially the men and women who are currently working as police officers and staff at MVPD. But it is important to remember to let the judicial system take its course. An arrest of an officer no matter what the charge, but especially for one as serious as this is always disturbing. Unfortunately it casts a “dark shadow” on all officers past and present.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Jim, firstly, many thanks for your many, many years of service to the City of Mountain View. Secondly, we appreciate you taking the time to comment here. It’s good to have the voice of those who have worked here represented.

    2. Dominic

      Unfortunatly that low life officer will still get his pension and unfortunatly those kids on those pictures could have been my kids or your kids

      1. smithers

        Actually, that’s a good question. Unless I’m mistaken, I don’t think a CalPERS employee receives their pension if they are fired due to criminal activity. I could be wrong on this—maybe someone here knows for sure?

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