[Cheeky] Faces Of Mountain View PD’s Community Action And Information Unit

Law enforcement can — at times — be a bit stressful, so we try to offset some of that stress by injecting a bit of humor into our day-to-day interactions. As demonstrated by a recent photo shoot (below), the Community Action and Information Unit (CAIU) displays some humor through two very cheeky personalities, Sgt. Saul Jaeger and Shino Tanaka both of whom report directly into the Field Operations Division Captain, Chris Hsiung. If you’ve listened to any of our podcasts, you already have a good sense of the behind-the-scenes banter that takes place between Sgt. Jaeger and Shino, as well as those highlighted within the department. Why does this matter? Because one of this Unit’s goals is to demonstrate the depth and breadth of your department.

Historically, law enforcement does not display the faces of those who work behind-the-scenes to serve and protect 24/7/365. Often times what we glean of law enforcement derives mainly from movies, video games, or what is publicized in mass media. The Mountain View Police Department is extremely fortunate to serve a city that supports our outreach efforts and innovative approach to building long-term and consistent relationships. More importantly, we are thankful for the community who is receptive to our efforts.


Day-to-day operations of CAIU are delineated between two distinct roles: in-person and on-line communications. Sgt. Jaeger is our department’s public information officer responsible for handling all press relations, or those requiring in-person representation. If a press conference needs to be assembled, or if the media is here looking for answers, he’s our man. A former motor officer, Sgt. Jaeger has served the Mountain View Police Department for 12 years across a variety of specialties, including the FBI’s Safe Streets Task Force. Many of you may also recognize Sgt. Jaeger as he represents us in the areas of community outreach, which include neighborhood meetings and events.

When it comes to the on-line front, Shino manages all digital communications for the department, like Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor and a myriad of other platforms. Shino returned to law enforcement after spending several years in the start-up world focused on community management and social product development. Prior to that, she was a police officer for the City of Menlo Park having also served as a reserve officer with the San Francisco Police Department. Shino’s unique background — combined with the Unit’s mission and Sgt. Jaeger’s dedicated role — have helped create a very rare opportunity for this department as we implement and test a variety of innovative approaches to community policing.

With the support of the City, this department’s administration and the men and women we serve with, we are excited to continue building this incubator-type Unit to better reflect and mirror those we serve.

Interested in working for the Mountain View Police Department? We’re hiring!

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