How To Prepare For Parking In Mountain View During Levi’s Stadium Events

City of Mountain View Stadium Parking Map

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Updated Saturday, July 26, 2014 at 8:55AM. The City of Mountain View has created a page to explain their year-long pilot parking program, which you can find here.

To prepare for the upcoming Levi’s Stadium season, we wanted to outline event day logistics and enforcement information, as well as provide insight into the City’s Pilot Parking Program to ensure residents and businesses are protected. The first game at Levi’s Stadium, located at 4900 Marie P. DeBartolo Way in Santa Clara, will be held on Saturday, August 2nd at 7:30PM. This soccer event will be followed by several 49ers games — the first of which is on Sunday, August 17th at 1:00PM. Below you will find information and links to help you navigate parking during events days, and how the City is preparing for the possibility of additional traffic.

Levi’s Stadium is scheduled to open in August of 2014 and encouraging the use of public transit on stadium event days. The increased dependence on public transportation could impact downtown Mountain View and the surrounding residential neighborhoods due to the anticipated use of Mountain View’s Transit Center. The City has implemented a stadium event parking pilot program to provide available parking for stadium patrons, downtown visitors and the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. We will provide more information on this program as we receive it.

Business Owner/Employee
Visiting Downtown (including the Farmer’s Market on Sunday)
Attending an event at Levi’s Stadium



The Pilot Parking Program map illustrates the areas directly affected by event parking.

Event Parking Map Area

Click on map to enlarge image.


Greater Downtown:
> Evelyn Avenue to the north
> Calderon Avenue to the east
> El Camino Real to the south
> Shoreline Boulevard to the west

Willowgate Street:
> Central Avenue to the north
> Highway 85 to the east
> Willowgate Street to the south
> Moffett Boulevard to the west

Jackson Street:
> Stierlin Road/Central Avenue to the north
> Moffett Boulevard to the east
> Washington Alley to the south
> Shoreline Boulevard to the west

Business Within Event Parking Zone:
> Along Moffett Boulevard next to Jackson Street and Willowgate Street neighborhoods
> Castro Street from Central Expressway to El Camino Real (and the side streets within the commercial core)


When do I use the parking permit?
Use of the permit only applies to event days at Levi’s Stadium, which can be found here. The permit does not exempt a vehicle from any other City of Mountain View parking restriction(s) or ordinance(s).

When and where can I park with my permit?
Permit holders may park on public streets in the neighborhoods listed above without time parking restrictions from 8:00AM to 10:00PM on event days at Levi’s Stadium.

How do I display my parking permit?
Hang your parking permit from a vehicle’s rearview mirror clearly visible for the police department to identify permit holders.

What does the parking permit look like?
You can view a parking permit here.

Where do the parking permits apply?
Parking permit applies to the neighborhoods listed above.

How do you define a “parking permit holder?”
A permit holder resides in the neighborhood listed above and is defined as a homeowner(s), person(s) renting a residential unit in the program area, business owner(s), or guest(s) of the household owner/renter/business owner.

How many parking permits can I have?
Two parking permits were provided to each household within the above listed neighborhoods via mail.

What if I want another parking permit?
If you would like an additional parking permit in addition to the two you have already received, you must go to the Finance Department located at City Hall, 500 Castro Street. Please bring your complete application(s) and proof of residency or business. Additionally, we ask that you provide the reason for the additional permit. Acceptable proof of residency or business shall be a driver’s license, vehicle registration, utility bill, or a lease agreement.

How long is my permit valid?
Permits are valid from August 2, 2014 through May 31, 2015 only on event days at Levi’s Stadium, which can be found here.

As a parking permit holder, am I guaranteed a parking spot?
Unfortunately, we cannot make that guarantee, however, we will enforce posted parking restrictions like we normally do.

What are you doing to protect event day parking within the parking permit zone?
We will have on-street parking restrictions on public streets as outlined below:
> Three-hour time limit from 5:00PM to 10:00PM for WEEKDAY event days at Levi’s Stadium and 8:00AM to 10:00PM during WEEKEND event days.
> Vehicles parked without a parking permit will also be required to park with this time limit, which is why it’s important that the parking permit hang from the rearview mirror.

What should I do if I believe someone has parked their vehicle in my neighborhood to attend the event?
We will handle these inquiries like we do any others by tagging the vehicle. You can call us at 650-903-6395 to report the vehicle. It is most helpful if you have the parked vehicle’s location, color/make/model and license plate.

Will there be increased enforcement on event days?
We will have three parking enforcement officers working the area on event days to ensure adherence to the parking limitations.


As a business owner, I am concerned that I will lose patrons because of a lack of parking.
This is totally understandable, however our goal is to ensure our neighborhoods and businesses are minimally effected, which is why the City is testing this Parking Pilot Program. Additionally, we will have three parking enforcement officers working the parking permit zone on event days to ensure adherence to the posted limitations.

What is the time limit on Castro Street?
This time limit will remain as-is, which is a one hour time limit.

What are the time limits in all other parking areas?
Three-hour time limit from 5:00PM to 10:00PM for WEEKDAY event days at Levi’s Stadium and 8:09AM to 10:00PM during WEEKEND event days.

I have employees that already have parking permits through the City’s Downtown Parking Permit Program. Are these still valid?
Yes. The City’s Downtown Parking Permit Program is still valid. If you and/or your employees purchased a parking permit, you can utilize these in the appropriate parking lots.


What will happen to the Farmer’s Market on Sunday?
On event days only, the Farmer’s Market that takes place in the Caltrain Parking Lot on Sunday, will be temporarily located to Parking Lot 12. This temporary relocation is on event days only. You can visit the Mountain View Farmers’ Market site here.

Parking Lot 12

Click on image to enlarge.

Where can I park on event days?
All downtown parking lots will be available to downtown visitors with a three hour time limit.

Where is Parking Lot 12 located?
A map of the City’s Downtown Parking Lots can be found here. Parking Lot 12 is located on Bryant Street between Mercy and California Streets.

Where do I find a list of Levi’s Stadium events?
A calendar of events can be found here.


I want to attend the Levi’s Stadium event. Where can I park in Mountain View?
There are four designated paid parking lots available to Levi’s Stadium attendees in Mountain View Parking Lots 1, 4, 8 and 9.

What will it cost to park in the designated parking lots?
This is to be determined, so please check back for updates.

Is there anywhere else I can park?
Yes. We highly encourage you to park in the VTA/Caltrain parking lot located on West Evelyn Street.

Can I park on Mountain View city streets?
You can park on designated City streets so long as you adhere to the posted signs limiting parking to either one or three hours depending on the location. This applies on events days between the hours of 8:00AM to 10:00PM on weekends, or 5:00PM to 10:00 on weekdays.

44 thoughts on “How To Prepare For Parking In Mountain View During Levi’s Stadium Events

  1. Jeff

    I live on Montebello Ave. Although I don’t live downtown I do go there on the weekend. Why can’t I have a parking permit? And, if I can, how do I apply? The application process doesn’t seem to be addressed in this article.

      1. Shankari

        On event days, you could consider riding your bike downtown. Per google maps, this should take 11 minutes. google maps estimates tend to be on the fast side, so I would allow 15 mins.

        @Mountain View PD, there are no bike parking restrictions downtown during event days, are there?

  2. Shelene Worland

    I live within a house of the border of the designated parking permit area. I am afraid that cars will simply cross the street and take up spaces on our block. Will we be able to get permits if this happens?

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Shelene — The permits are only for those within the downtown parking corridor, but give us a call if you believe a vehicle is not supposed to be parked there (barring time limits) and we will come out and deal with it appropriately like we normally do: 650-903-6395. Additionally, the City is looking to gather feedback about this pilot program, which they’ll be posting more on tomorrow. We’ll share here when they do!

  3. Janice S.

    It says that permits were mailed already. I am a homeowner on Loreto St. which is within one of the listed neighborhoods and have not received the permits. When were they mailed?

  4. Rebecca

    I live awfully close to the downtown parking corridor. What will happen when people just starting parking on our streets outside the corridor? You say above that we should “give [you] a call if [we] believe a vehicle is not supposed to be parked there”, but how is the vehicle owner suppose to know the car shouldn’t be parked there? You’re not actually saying the car can’t be parked a block from the designated parking corridor, as far as I can tell. (Thanks for figuring all this out in advance. It’s much appreciated.)

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Rebecca — Great clarifying questions! There are signs posted for those who are parking in certain areas, like residential areas, which limits their time to a maximum of three hours. If you believe a vehicle has been parked in the same spot for more than three hours, we’ll handle this call like any other parking complaint by tagging it and then citing it if it does not move. We’ll also have additional parking enforcement during event days to assist with these types of complaints. Additionally, this is a pilot program, so we’ll look for continual feedback from residents. Best case scenario: parking during event days is not too overwhelming =) Thanks for your questions, and please keep us posted on how things go in your neighborhood.

  5. Henrik Sahlqvist

    Relocating the Mountain View Farmers’ Market because of some event in another city sucks.

    On “event” Sundays, can’t the event goers park near the Palo Alto train station or farther north?

    And, the question from Jeff, 07/24/2014, was not answered. He is a resident of Mountain View, but he does not “reside in the neighborhoods listed”. Like me and most other Mountain View residents, he is classified as a “downtown visitor”, it looks like, and can’t get a permit to park. Did I misread something, or is this how it is?

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Henrik — The good news is that this is a pilot program, so the relocation of the Farmers’ Market is temporary.

      Regarding the event goers, we can’t dictate where people park in public areas, but what we can do it to continue enforcing the parking limitations. On event days, we will have added parking enforcement for this very reason. At this point, we don’t know exactly how many people will utilize Mountain View as a hub to Levi’s Stadium, however, we do want to be prepared in the event that we receive a fair amount of visitors and part of that is educating the community on what we (from an enforcement perspective) are doing.

      Parking for downtown visitors remains the same on Castro Street with a one hour limitation. We encourage visitors to utilize the seven other parking lots as they do today. The only change is that four of these lots will be paid parking lots on event days to assist with pulling people off the streets. You can see this map here. For other areas, we enforce the three hour parking rule, or whatever sign is posted for your area. The residents are exempt from this if they reside in the downtown parking corridor. Otherwise, if you’re visiting downtown Mountain View, it’s business as usual. We hope that helps clarify the parking situation, but do let us know if it does not.

      We’ll continue to post updates and receive feedback on how the pilot program is going from an enforcement perspective, so please do keep in touch!

    2. Eric

      @Henrik: I absolutely agree. Very frustrating. I am a residint and though don’t live in the zone but often drive to that area to visit downtown etc. Now I have to keep track of events that I have absolutely notinterest in or other reason to be aware of so that I don’t get a ticket. Bad plan. Pilot or not.

      1. George Mason

        You don’t have to keep track; stadium event dates are POSTED on the street signs. Bad plan? It seems well thought-out, and I appreciate the city for doing the advance planning, posting of signs, etc. If you have a better idea, let’s hear it!

      2. Mountain View PD

        @Eric — This is a pilot program, so please do let us know how it goes. We wanted to ensure we were proactive in addressing it beforehand rather than wait until the games take place. Like anything, we try and remain as fluid as possible and make the necessary adjustments to the best of our abilities to ensure our neighborhoods are protected. Please check out here for updates from the City on the program, but for enforcement related questions, you can always contact us here.

      3. Jeff

        You say you will inform resident of additional events. If by “inform” you mean post them here or on FaceBook then please, when you post, include the day and date of the event, or at least the date. Currently you often say “…beware a concert *tomorrow*…” or something like that. But not sure when “tomorrow” is if read the posting late. So please, date for sure and day of the week would help also.

  6. LP

    How will the city notify residents that the sticker needs to be posted? Do you expect each resident to check the Leavy site every day to make sure no event has been added?

    Assume a car is parked 3+ hours and then residents notify the city to tag it. Does it need to stay there for another 3h+ before it gets cited? That would mean Leavy visitors get 6h free parking.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @LP — Good questions! The City is notifying individuals who are within the downtown parking corridor of their permits by mail.

      Regarding Levi’s Stadium event days, you will most certainly see reminder posts about events from the police department, but it’s also a good idea to printout their schedule, which you can find here. Additionally, you can sign-up for event alerts from that page to ensure you don’t miss a single beat!

      On event days, we will have added parking enforcement officers, so their sole job is to ensure posted parking signs are followed. This means that they will tag regularly and then come back in three hours. If that vehicle, is still there, it will be issued a citation, which is how we enforce parking today. Regarding the “free parking” if they are issued a citation, it can be considered paid parking =)

  7. George Mason

    We live on Orchard Avenue (between Central Ave. and Willowgate), and I see the new parking signs have gone up but only on the west side of the street. How will the parking limits be enforced if stadium attendees park on the east side of the street?

    1. George Mason

      I stand corrected. There IS one sign on the east side of Orchard, as I discovered when I walked to the end of the block (where it intersects with Willowgate); it’s not obvious (partly hidden by an overgrown tree when you come around the corner from Willowgate), and it’s the ONLY sign for a long block-and-a-half, so I hope potential parkers see it and adhere to the limits.

      1. Dan

        George… I was wondering that exact same question… we had a new sign put up in front of our house but they didn’t put one up on the other side of the street… and we all know that if there’s no sign between streets, event people are going to park there and say there was no sign… shouldn’t there be a sign on every block, both sides of the street, in the affected areas? We’re located on Mercy Street between Oak and Shoreline…

      2. Mountain View PD

        @George — Yes, there are indeed signs posted, but please bear with us as we are testing out this pilot program. We didn’t want to inundate the community with signs if the ones posted didn’t prove effective. Please keep us and the City apprised of how you feel the enforcement is going.

        Regarding enforcement, we will have additional parking enforcement officers on event days. They will be making sure to mark and tag vehicles appropriately. Hopefully this helps to clarify your question, but please let us know if otherwise.

  8. JCD

    We live in an apartment complex in the downtown area. Are the permits being mailed to each unit or to one central location for distribution?

      1. op

        We never received permits in the mail and when we called the city we were told that people who live in condos would not receive them because we have off street parking and garages (unlike a single family home??). How does this match the documentation here? It clearly states that all residents receive permits not just single family home.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @LP — A very good question. If games are added, the signs will most likely remain, which is why we recommend signing up for Levi’s Stadium newsletters, as well as one of our many social channels. We will be posting and sending out notifications to remind residents of upcoming games very much like we do for events at Shoreline Amphitheatre.

  9. Ruth Lawrence

    What if I have a personal event (birthday, graduation, funeral, etc.), at my home located within the restricted zone during Levi Stadium events? Am I now limited to 3hrs?? What if some of my guests are spending the night, as they have driven to my event from out of town?? What is the proposed solution to my examples or am I to let my guests know that the city of Mountain View has time restricted my right as a citizen to entertain guests on Levi Stadium event days. As a resident within the zone am I expected to put Levi Stadium events above my personal or family events? Is the city of Mountain View going to supply my guests with permits for those days?

    Why were the residents NOT given a voice. Pilot program before you know there is a problem? Seems to me you will now never know if there is a problem!! However, you have created problematic situations for many of us.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Ruth — We hear your frustration and are sorry you feel that way, however, we wanted to let our community know that from an enforcement perspective, our priority is to ensure the sanctity of our neighborhoods. If this pilot program needs to be amended, or as you mention creating a problematic situation, please do keep us posted from an enforcement perspective. As for the residents and voicing your opinion, we definitely encourage you to reach out to the City through this channel:

      Regarding personal events (e.g. birthday, graduation, etc.), short-term visitors can purchase a parking pass. You can find more information on that here, which the City updated at the beginning of this year. Hopefully this helps, but please let us know if otherwise. Thank you for your patience, Ruth, while we work through this.

  10. Ruth Lawrence

    How much public funding has the city spent on this pilot program without knowing that a problem even exists?

  11. Dan

    I noticed that one of the event days is Thanksgiving! Does that mean that guests coming to visit family in MV on Thanksgiving will only be allowed to park for 3 hours on the street? May need to figure out a different plan for holidays… doesn’t affect me but some may have an issue…

    1. RC

      I have an wedding engagement party 8/2 that has been planned for over 2 months and just received the notice and permits yesterday, Thursday 7/31. We have many guests attending that are from out of town and from the local area and will need to park near our home. What is the plan for Mountain View residents friends and family for the weekends that stadium events are planned? Are we expected not to have guests park around our homes from longer than 1 hour? Seems a bit impractical especially on Saturday and Sunday when it is the most practical time to celebrate birthdays and other significant life events like. Will my guests be issued tickets during this “Pilot Program” time period. PLEASE ADVICE,

      1. Mountain View PD

        @RC — We’re sorry this was such short notice for you! There are two options regarding those who are visiting our City for the short-term. Unfortunately, neither is going to help you on such short notice. Please email us at so we can further assist you.

        However, to answer your questions, there are two ways to deal with this. First, visitors can apply for a short-term parking permit, which our City updated at the beginning of this year. You can find more information on that here. Secondly, parking is permitted for up to three hours. The one hour time limit is mainly for Castro Street. You can also apply for additional parking permits if you reside in the district outlined above, which can be applied for here.

    2. Mountain View PD

      @Dan — Great question. We have had a City parking permit program, which was updated at the beginning of the year. You can learn more about it here. Hopefully, this helps to address your question. Please let us know if otherwise!

  12. Ed

    Problem with “Business Within Event Parking Zone Neighborhood”: I just walked the block of Castro between California and Dana. No signs indicating anything other than “1 Hour Parking 8am -5pm Except Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays”. No signs mention event days on the block. Are there event days signs anywhere on Castro? Same for NW California between Castro and Bryant. Lack of signage here seems highly problematic, as business parkers typically aren’t reading any signs until they find an empty spot. Then they read the nearest sign. Do we really expect visitors to whip out their cellphones and hit this blog to find out what is a legal spot? And what, exactly, is that? Comments above that “Parking for downtown visitors remains the same on Castro Street with a one hour limitation.” and “..if you’re visiting downtown Mountain View, it’s business as usual.” seems to mean that the “same”, “business as usual” parking signs apply, e.g. 1-hour parking has exceptions for Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays! BTW, this post isn’t theoretical. My friend nearly got a ticket on Castro last Sunday.

  13. Pingback: This Weekend: Shoreline Concert, 49ers Game And Farmers’ Market Relocation For Sunday | Mountain View Police

  14. Lecia

    I have seen the signs, but they seem to be really inconsistently placed. Does a sign at one end of the street mean no parking for the whole block (I can’t find anything online about regulations for this)? Also, an impressive number of them hidden in trees. If enforced, it really seems like setting up street parkers for failure.

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Lecia — Thanks for letting us know! The goal was to try and post signs, but not to flood the Downtown Corridor with them. Is there a particular area where you’d like to see more consistency? As for the ones hidden in trees, please let us know if you see these so that we can forward the information on to our colleagues at Public Works. Additionally, you can send direct feedback through these channels:
      -Ask Mountain View (topic is under Economic Development);
      -leave a message at (650) 316-4520; or
      -send an email to

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