This Weekend: Shoreline Concert, 49ers Game And Farmers’ Market Relocation For Sunday

This weekend Mountain View has a few events taking place on both Saturday and Sunday, so please help us prepare by sharing this information with your neighborhood.


> Shoreline Amphitheatre is hosting Blake Shelton this Saturday the 13th at 7:00PM.
> You can expect traffic in and around the general area starting at 4:00PM.
> Alcohol is NOT permitted in the parking lots surrounding Shoreline Amphitheatre.

Levi's Stadium

> Levi’s Stadium is holding a 49ers game on Sunday the 14th at 5:30PM.
> You can expect traffic in and around the Caltrain Station and the Downtown Corridor starting as early as 12:00PM.
> Those going to the game are highly encouraged to take public transportation via Caltrain and/or VTA.
> Because this game falls on a Sunday, the Mountain View Farmers’ Market will relocate to another parking lot (see below).
> Residents: If you reside in the Downtown Parking Corridor, please ensure you display your parking permit. For more information on the City’s Pilot Parking Program go here.

Parking Lot 12

Click image to view enlarged map.

Farmers' Market > Our Famers’ Market will be temporarily relocated on Sunday the 14th to City Parking Lot 12, which is located on Bryant Street between California and Mercy Streets.
> This is a temporary location when a Levi’s Stadium event falls on a Sunday.

If you see anything amiss, please do not hesitate in contacting us at 650-903-6395. Enjoy your weekend, Mountain View!

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