Connecting The Pieces: Arrests Made In Commercial Tech Theft

TechOn August 15, 2014, a $1,500.00 laptop computer was stolen from inside a server room located at a business on the 1300 block of Terra Bella Avenue. One of our Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) detectives took on this investigation revealing that a construction company had sub-contracted to a telecommunications company the day of the theft.

With this information, and the detective’s thorough investigation, it was found that the stolen laptop had connected to the internet at an address located in San Jose, CA. Through the appropriate search warrants, our CSU detectives arrived at a location on the 1600 block of Bowling Green Drive where they arrested suspect Victor Chavez, a 46 year-old male, who was in possession of the stolen laptop. A second search warrant was served at another resident on the 1700 block of South King Road, also in San Jose, where an additional suspect was located. Suspect Joaquin Hermosillo, a 49 year-old male, was also placed under arrest.

Suspects Chavez and Hermosillo were employees of the telecommunications company making the repairs at the victim’s business the day of the theft. Both suspects were booked into San Jose’s Main Jail for charges ranging from Grand Theft to Receiving Stolen Property.

“It is extremely important when companies, or anyone who is a victim of theft, immediately contacts us when they find their property is missing,” said Lt. Keith Plamondon who oversees MVPD’s CSU. “These arrests are a good example of how something, like the theft of a single laptop, can result in identifying those responsible or involved with the crime.”

Mountain View is not only comprised of amazing neighborhoods, but an amazing array of companies — both large and small. — who we protect and serve. We encourage business owners to always communicate with us through a variety of channels, including calling our non-emergency line to report incidents: 650-903-6395.

One thought on “Connecting The Pieces: Arrests Made In Commercial Tech Theft

  1. Brian Geer

    I’m proud of you, MVPD. I’m a retired Sr. Investigator from the DA’s Office, but until 1979 I was Agent #1 (5Y1). I enjoy reading about your successes & the professional manner in which you serve the city

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