Retired MVPD Officer And World War II Veteran Henry “Ed” Henderson Dies Peacefully In His Sleep


Photos courtesy of MVPD Historian D. Johnson.

Retired Mountain View Police Officer Henry “Ed” Henderson died peacefully in his sleep on December 29, 2014. At 96 years-old, Officer Henderson was Mountain View Police Department’s (MVPD) oldest retiree. He officially retired in 1976 and holds the distinction of being the first officer in MVPD history to put in enough time to officially retire from the department.

Officer Henderson began his career with the MVPD in the 1940’s before joining the U.S. Army where he served in the Pacific theater during World War II. He rejoined the MVPD in January of 1951 and served a distinguished career before retiring on December 31, 1978. Officer Henderson spent the last several years of his career in Warrants since he knew everyone in town, and everyone knew him. He walked the downtown foot beat for many years in the days before radios, which meant keeping an eye on the special light hanging over Castro and Villa, which would light-up when police officers needed to phone the station for a call.

Stories about Officer Henderson’s career bring about a sense of pride, appreciation and highlight the true definition of what “community-policing” is all about. Officer Henderson’s accomplishments made him revered by the people he served and even the suspects he arrested.

Officer Henderson is survived by his wife of 63 years, Barbara (Bobbie) Henderson, his son Rick, daughter Kelly Schroeder, son-in-law Randy Schroeder, and granddaughter Loryn Schroeder.

3 thoughts on “Retired MVPD Officer And World War II Veteran Henry “Ed” Henderson Dies Peacefully In His Sleep

  1. Carol Ohlson Stohlgren

    A fine officer–I worked with Ed in the 1970’s and since I was MVPD’s only female officer back in those days I sometimes had to accompany Ed on trips to pick up female prisoners being held on warrants. He always treated everyone with kindness and respect. He set a good example for me as a new officer. And yep–I also watched Laura give him the what for on a few occasions!! RIP Ed

  2. Brian Geer

    I’ll always remember Ed for teaching me the role of Officer Friendly when I got assigned to Crime Prevention-Community Relations in the mid-70s. At a time when it seemed like everyone hated cops, Ed stood out as an ambassador to the public.

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