Burglar Arrested After Entering Monta Loma Residence During Early Morning Hours

Raymundo Gallegos

Suspect Raymundo Gallegos out of Mountain View.

On Sunday, January 18, 2015 at around 6:30AM, an occupant of a residence on Thompson Avenue was awakened by the sound of someone yelling inside their home. Suspect Raymundo Gallegos, a 57 year-old male out of Mountain View, was found standing inside of the residence and was confronted by the occupant who immediately called 9-1-1. Suspect Gallegos claimed to have been running away from a group of subjects and was looking for help. Officers arrived and through their investigation arrested suspect Gallegos for burglary.

Finding someone in your home is a terrifying experience, and although uncommon, it can happen. Here are some steps you can take to decrease your chances of being a victim of such an incident:

  • Check that ALL doors and windows are locked and secured even when you are home.
  • Install or upgrade to exterior lights with motion detectors.
  • If someone knocks on the door or calls out, acknowledge that you hear them. You don’t have to open or answer the door but let them know that someone is home.
  • Home security systems and video systems are always a good idea.

The Mountain View Police Department reminds residents to call the police department right away if and when they see something suspicious…If you See Something, Say Something.

In an emergency, dial 911. Our non-emergency line is (650) 903-6395. All media inquiries can be directed to our PIO, Sgt. Saul Jaeger, at policepio@mountainview.gov, or call 650-903-6345.

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