2015 Shoreline Concerts And Traffic

The 2015 concert season has begun at Shoreline Amphitheatre, which means there will be certain days and times you will want to take alternate routes and/or avoid the area.

Below is a list of the concerts currently slated for the months of May and June, which are subject to change. We strongly urge you to bookmark the Shoreline Amphitheatre concert page to stay up-to-date on any changes.

For those who would like to provide feedback on traffic related to concerts and city streets, please contact Shoreline Amphitheatre at 650-967-4040. Alternatively, you can submit feedback through AskMV by selecting the “Shoreline/Golf” category then “Shoreline Amphitheatre.” At present, the Mountain View Police Department does not provide traffic control for Shoreline concerts.



One thought on “2015 Shoreline Concerts And Traffic

  1. Laura goldie

    The alert tells us to avoid the area…can’t very well do that when I/we live out here…any other suggestions????

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