The Silicon Valley Beat #029 – One Man’s Journey From Germany, And A Caprice

The Silicon Valley Beat

We had the pleasure of sitting down with a police vehicle enthusiast who was influenced by the likes of The Blues Brothers. Traveling all the way from Germany, Valentin Slaby shared with us how he went about acquiring a retired Mountain View Police Department Chevy Caprice and proceeded to spend a significant amount of time restoring it. His next project? Listen to find out!

Want to know what goes on at a police department located in the heart of Silicon Valley? Then look no further. Mountain View, California is home to companies like Google, LinkedIn, Symantec, WhatsApp and, of course, the Mountain View Police Department. Follow us each week as we discuss some of our more interesting calls for service on The Silicon Valley Beat. We cover recent incidents, safety tips and answer some of your most pressing questions. We’ll also invite special guests from within the department, including our famous K9′s, to talk shop. So let us know what you think about our podcasts, or just share your ideas and thoughts with us. You can find us on Twitter @MountainViewPD and Facebook. But if this is an emergency, dial 911.

5 thoughts on “The Silicon Valley Beat #029 – One Man’s Journey From Germany, And A Caprice

  1. Brian Geer

    I enjoyed listening to the interview of the man from Germany who has restored a ’96 Chevy Caprice former beat car. As a former MVPD agent & the president of San Jose Classic Chevy Club, I look forward to seeing the photos referred to.

      1. Brian Geer

        Excellent! I will share this with the Chevy club. Most of our cars, which range from 30s to 70s models, have been through a process like this. Thank you for posting this.

        Brian (5Y1)

  2. Tim Devaney

    Very very cool! I also own a retired Mvpd 96 Caprice, I was surfing the web hoping to find pictures of what the car looked like “in service “ when I came across the pod cast and photos, amazing! I’m also a vintage police car enthusiast and also own 6 restored CHP cars ranging from 78 thru 94, would love to restore my 96 to to look like her sister car in Germany! Any help the Mvpd could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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