Bicyclist Involved In San Antonio Road And West El Camino Real Collision Succumbs To Injuries


The above is a Google Map screenshot of the intersection where the collision occurred. It is for visual demonstration purposes only and not meant as an accurate model of the actual collision.

On Friday, July 10, 2015 around 7:33pm, we received several 9-1-1 calls about a collision involving a vehicle and bicyclist at the intersection of San Antonio Road and El Camino Real. Callers indicated that the bicyclist, who appeared to have a head injury, was unconscious but breathing. As officers arrived they found the involved vehicle, a 2002 Honda Civic, stopped in the number one lane of San Antonio Road north of El Camino Real and the bicyclist lying on the pavement a short distance away. Fire and medical personnel tended to the bicyclist who was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, the bicyclist succumbed to his injuries and was released to the Santa Clara Coroner’s Office on Wednesday, July 15, 2015.

ECR and SA

The above is the Honda Civic involved in the collision.

Based on our investigation, it appears the Honda was traveling north on San Antonio Road approaching the West El Camino Real intersection. The bicyclist, who was traveling west across San Antonio Road, crossed the roadway in front of the Honda and was struck causing him to hit the windshield which projected him forward and onto the pavement (see images above).

This collision remains under investigation and we continue to look for witnesses who saw the actual collision. If you have any information, please call Traffic Officer Dan Garcia at 650-903-6344 and reference case number 15-3916. Media inquiries can be sent to

10 thoughts on “Bicyclist Involved In San Antonio Road And West El Camino Real Collision Succumbs To Injuries

  1. Richard Masoner

    It looks like the question is who ran the red light? Or perhaps the cyclist entered the intersection on green (or yellow), but didn’t have time to clear the wide intersection. Do I read this correctly?

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  3. Cat brown

    I’m a cyclist and this scares me. This brings up 2 questions for me. Did the vehicle run the light? Or did the cyclist start to cross against signal and then the light changed and vehicle sped up to make the light before red? Intersections are dangerous and a lot of people say the drivers aren’t cautious of peds and cyclists but it also goes the same for the cyclists too. I see too many peds and cyclists ignore traffic signals. I feel bad for the cyclist regardless for who is at fault. Prayers to their family.

  4. Deborah Darington

    Was that a legal crossing for the bicyclist? He wasn’t at an intersection or crosswalk. Sad to hear of the loss of life.

    1. Tom

      You are looking at where the vehicle stopped, not at where the collision took place. It takes some distance for the vehicle to finally stop.

  5. robert

    I don’t think a bike should be in that lane. Was the bicyclist in the bike lane?
    Was he wearing a helmet? Did the collision start in the cross walk?

    Prayers to the families

    1. RobertN

      There is no bike lane on either street through that intersection. I often choose the sidewalk on El Camino approaching San Antonio from the East, because the right lane is narrow and very uncomfortable.

      Is the law that if traffic (bike or auto) has entered an intersection lawfully (with a green or yellow), then cross traffic is obliged to wait until the intersection is clear, or is it legal to go forward on green without checking?

  6. CADiver

    Also possible both traveling north bound but the bike needs to make a left turn but the left signal was red, so cross the interaction close to the curb and and then across left using the cross walk not realize there is a car or signal changed to do not cross signal. Seen those many times when the bike doesn’t want to wait. Of course, just speculation, ask him when he wakes up and hopefully won’t lie.

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