Hidden Gardens Neighborhood Laundry Room Burglars Sought

On Wednesday, August 26, 2015 between the hours of 2:58am and 3:03am, a laundry room located on the 900 block of Rich Avenue was burglarized. As you can see from the security camera footage, one suspect is a female adult who is smoking a cigarette. She is seen with another suspect who appears to be a white male adult (seen in another portion of video footage). We are looking for these two laundry room burglars who pried open coin operated laundry machines and stole hundreds of dollars worth of coins. If you recognize the female suspect and/or know her whereabouts, please call us at 650-903-9395 and refer to case #15-5143. Media inquiries can be sent to policepio@mountainview.gov.


2 thoughts on “Hidden Gardens Neighborhood Laundry Room Burglars Sought

  1. robert

    I am a apt. complex Manager and had people use are laundry room’s for drug use
    and to sleep. Thankfully no damage. I have close communication with the residents
    and they know can call me(on site) or mvpd at anytime

    1. Mountain View PD

      @Robert — That’s great! Thank you for helping us keep the community safe. Another good options is to also empty out the coin slots on a regular basis =) You can always reach us at 650-903-6395, which goes directly to our communications center, or 911, of course. Thanks again!

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