Pedestrian Struck By Vehicle Succumbs to Injuries: El Monte Avenue and Marich Way Intersection

detourUPDATE: Our investigation has concluded. El Monte Ave is completely open. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE 12:20pm: This morning we advised of a pedestrian vs. vehicle accident where the pedestrian was transported to a local hospital with major injuries. Unfortunately, we regret to inform you that the pedestrian succumbed to her injuries. N/B El Monte Ave is expected to remain closed for approximately two more hours as we continue a detailed accident investigation into the accident. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.


This morning at about 6:38am a vehicle struck a pedestrian (an adult woman) near the intersection of El Monte Ave and Marich Way in Mountain View. The pedestrian was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. The driver of the vehicle is fully cooperating with the investigation and it does not appear that alcohol or drugs were a factor. At this time the cause of the collision and fault remain under investigation.

It is important to remember that traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility whether you are in a vehicle, on a bicycle or walking.

If you were in the area or may have witnessed the accident, please contact Ofc. Ienni at 650-903-6344.

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15 thoughts on “Pedestrian Struck By Vehicle Succumbs to Injuries: El Monte Avenue and Marich Way Intersection

  1. Yessa

    I live right down the street and saw the horrible site, El Monte is not safe to walk across the street, the people who drive speed and do not stop and it was a matter of time. There needs to be lights so people can cross and be safe. I hope something can be done.

  2. merrypalmer

    Hopefully Mountain View City Planners will make El Monte safer now at El Camino Real. So many kids on bikes every morning and afternoon that it is needed.

  3. Vanessa (@rurisan)

    I always called any of those pedestrians crossings “suicide” crossings across major roads in Mountain View because there are no lights to alert the driver that someone may cross. At night time pedestrians are next to invisible even if you are only moving 10mph and they decide just to go.

    Since pedestrians here have the right of way, they willy nilly think they are safe from all harms way. They cross without looking both ways, texting while crossing, think its only the drivers responsibility in regards to traffic safety and assuming a car will just stop magically in their presence. And then it ends up in a tragedy when a vehicle accidentally hits them.

    Coming from NYC where pedestrians don’t have the right of way, we understand that you need to push yourself and make yourself known to the driver. Then driver makes eye contact with the the person crossing, knows you are going to cross and now it is safe to cross.

  4. ladyfleur


    Can you tell us where Ms. Montalvo was walking when the driver struck her? Was she crossing El Monte at or near the Marich crosswalks? Or was she walking along El Monte on the sidewalk? If so, which side.

    I want to advocate for safer walking in the area and it helps to know whether it was a crossing issue, or like the recent collision at the Shell station on Central Expwy, a walking on the sidewalk issue.

    1. Mountain View PD

      Ms. Montalvo was crossing eastbound in the north crosswalk of El Monte Ave at Marich Way.

      Like you, we absolutely want to advocate for safer walking in this area as well as other parts of town. Traffic safety is everyone’s responsibility – driver’s, bicyclists and pedestrians.

      1. ladyfleur

        Thanks for the detail. The Los Altos Town Crier reported she was hit “as she walked along El Monte Avenue near the Marich Way intersection” which led people to believe she was on the sidewalk, not crossing the road.

      2. Yessa

        I read the last reply you did MVPD, I agree but I live right there and by having a sign to tell drivers to slow down is a joke. That area should not be a crosswalk, I see people trying to do the right thing if they are walking but the traffic will not stop and the speed limit is not being followed. Why isn’t there a light or speed bumps or anything? Safety is number one in my area but if there isn’t anything to stop the reckless driving then someone else might get hurt, plus a person is not visible at the crosswalk due to trees. I don’t want to see another person hurt, and angry that this has happened. We need more police but understand that won’t happen…so now what, what is the plan of action?

      3. Mountain View PD

        Thank you for your comments Yessa. Traffic lights, speed bumps, or any other traffic signage determinations are actually handled by our City Public Works department. We provide them accident data and, along with their own data, determine how signage and signaling are handled for streets in our city. The current intersection in question is under review by them.

      4. Yessa

        Oh thank you for you reply, it is great to know that this is getting looked into! But we do need police there to show why I am concerned, at least during the morning hours, school hours! I hope this isn’t one of those plans the city says it is concerned about but do nothing about….there are a lot of kids who use that crosswalk and if the ones who are walking are following the rules then it is the drivers, but police present would be the best. Everyones in a rush but a life is lost, I don’t want to sit and think such a shame when I know and saw the accident site the driver was in the wrong. Thank you MVPD, I know your job is not easy but have faith in the department to not have this happen again!

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