Lint, Creases, and Knowing Your Codes

In the police academy, uniform inspections are a regular occurrence. At the halfway point and final exam, it is customary to invite command staff members from each represented agency to inspect and quiz their respective recruits. This past Friday, command staff and members of our field training program visited our MVPD recruit in the academy to perform a midterm uniform and knowledge inspection.

Points are deducted for a variety of reasons including: lint, uneven creases, scuffs on shoes, dirty weapons, or failure to recite any number of policies or criminal codes. To say it’s stressful for the recruits is an understatement. The reason for all of this is because attention to detail, professional appearance, and knowledge (and ability to think) under stress are important aspects of this profession.

We are proud to report that our MVPD recruit did a great job (sporting what could possibly be the sharpest creases we’ve ever seen on a uniform)!

If you or someone you know is interested in a career in law enforcement, check out our recruitment page for more info at

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