9-1-1: Which gingerbread house is your favorite?

It may be the holiday season, but that doesn’t mean that 9-1-1 gets to take a break. Our Mountain View dispatchers work around the clock to answer your calls and help keep our community safe.

This year, to add a little holiday cheer to their dispatch center, the dispatchers decided to come up with a rather scrumptious competition involving gingerbread houses. Each of the four teams that work in our dispatch center created a one-of-a-kind structure (some of which are entirely edible) for folks to cast their vote and determine which house is their favorite.

“We thought that it would be fun to do it, and we can’t wait to find out who won,” said dispatch supervisor Andre Harrison, adding that decorating the gingerbread houses “got people in the holiday spirit.”

Which delectable holiday décor do you think is the best? We want to hear from you too!

Let us know and next week, learn which dispatch team had the winning gingerbread house!


Gingerbread House #1


Gingerbread House #2


Gingerbread House #3


Gingerbread House #4

16 thoughts on “9-1-1: Which gingerbread house is your favorite?

  1. Jennifer

    I like #4 being a log cabin. It’s very cute. Would also like #2, but you can’t see it very well (like the use of pecans and the tower).

  2. Alison Stern

    I like #3, I also like #2 but agree that is hard to see all of it’s details.

    Happy Holidays to all on Duty this Holiday Season. Stay Safe out there.

  3. Brad

    #4 is my favorite! Love the creativity of the handrails and pretzel logs! All are charming as heck, though!

  4. Monica Teicher

    Love the roof, so #2 it is for me. They all look awesome. Happy holidays and thank you for your hard work.

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