Security guard arrested for sexual battery

On Saturday around 3:35 a.m., officers responded to the 500 block of S. Rengstorff Avenue for a report of a sexual battery.

When officers arrived, a 22-year-old Mountain View woman told police that roughly 20 minutes prior, she and her friend were driving on El Camino Real from downtown Palo Alto when their car broke down. They parked in a school lot and while they were checking the car, a man in a security guard uniform who identified himself as an officer pulled up in what appeared to be a patrol car.

A tow truck was called, and the victim and man – later identified as 31-year-old San Jose resident Luis Diaz – drove back to the woman’s residence in his security vehicle. The woman’s friend rode with the tow-truck driver.

On the way back to the woman’s home, Diaz allegedly sexually battered the woman.

During their investigation, officers spotted a Bayside Security car with a light bar in the area. Officers later saw a uniformed security guard walking through the apartment complex. When officers stopped the man, they determined that Diaz was the same person that gave the victim a ride.

The victim identified Diaz as the man who had sexually battered her and he was subsequently arrested for PC 243.2(a) sexual battery and booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail.

Anyone who may have any further information about this case, or who may be a victim of a similar incident, please call Det. Mason Motomura at 650-903-6364.

Uniformed police officers can always be identified by their badge as well as a shoulder patch of the agency for which they work. Likewise, our plainclothes detectives will always have department-issued identification and a badge on them when conducting official business. If you are not sure about an officer’s identity, you can always call the Mountain View Police Department at 650-903-6395 to verify an officer’s identity.



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