Car care: Keeping your valuables with you and out of the hands of vandals!

Spring weather is here, which means more people will be spending their free time outdoors enjoying the sunshine!

If you are driving to enjoy the park, a movie, a tasty meal in downtown or even a concert, remember how important it is to take your valuables with you.

Do not leave items like phones, computers, tablets, iPods, wallets, purses, or backpacks. These items are particular targets for people who see these items left behind a crime of opportunity.

Take all valuables with you. Do not leave any items in your car. Lock your vehicle, and do not leave any sunroofs or windows open.

Do not leave your car running with the keys in the ignition for any reason, and try not to leave your garage door opener in plain sight.

If you need to move items to your trunk, don’t do it in plain sight. Do so before you leave your home.

If you find that your car has been burglarized, call Mountain View PD at 650-903-6395. Be safe, and keep your valuables safe too!

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