Happy to report another package thief is off the streets!

One of our officers did a great job yesterday recovering some stolen packages, and we just wanted to highlight his good work!

Around 2 p.m., Officer Ruben Gonzalez was on patrol on the 300 block of Monroe Drive when he saw a man, identified 37-year-old Javier Ortega, with whom he had had previous interactions.

Gonzalez knew Ortega did not live in the area, and approached him to see if the two could talk. Gonzalez subsequently learned that Ortega had a warrant out for his arrest from a neighboring agency, and detained Ortega.

During a search of a backpack that Ortega was wearing, Officer Gonzalez found three packages, none of which belonged to Ortega.

Ortega was arrested for possession of stolen property as well as for his outstanding warrant. He was transported to the Santa Clara County Jail.

Gonzalez, who we have been lucky to have in our department for 19 years, said he works with a “Can’t stop, won’t stop” attitude.

“My job and my goal every day is to make sure Mountain View is safe. No crime is too small. I want to make sure people in Mountain View know that we are here to protect and serve them, no matter what.”

Way to go, Officer Gonzalez!


Javier Ortega

Javier Ortega

2 thoughts on “Happy to report another package thief is off the streets!

  1. Lynne Cortopassi

    Good work Officer Gonzalez! Thanks for being so alert and helping Mountain View be a safer and nicer place to live.

    Angelo and Lynne Cortopassi

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