MVPD’s “Silicon Valley Beat” has gone to the dogs … er … K9s

It’s time for a new edition of the Mountain View Police Department’s “Silicon Valley Beat” podcast! In this recording, we get to share some behind-the-scenes stories about one of our newest- and furriest – officers, K9 Thor!

Thor and his handler, Officer Curtis Lau, stopped by our offices to chat about their paw-sitive partnership, their canine companionship, their furry friendship, we could go on and on, really.

But why  not just check it out yourself? To hear from Officer Lau and Thor, just press play!



Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View is home to world-renowned organizations including Google, LinkedIn, Symantec and WhatsApp. And it just so happens to house us, the Mountain View Police Department, as well! And did you know, MVPD just happens to have one of the longest-running K9 units in Silicon Valley? Well, now you do!

As hosts of “The Silicon Valley Beat,” we’d love to hear your questions, feedback and would even like to see some of you on our show! You can find us on Twitter at @MountainViewPD and on Facebook.

To listen to previous podcasts on our blog, click here. You can also find our podcasts on iTunes.

Stay safe Mountain View! Or as Thor likes to say … woof woof (that’s a direct translation, by the way)!

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