Let’s make sure you keep your stuff safe!

Have you ever dashed into a store without your phone or laptop because you’ll be in there “for just a minute?” You might want to think again!

In recent weeks, we’ve noticed two spots in Mountain View that have seen an uptick in auto burglaries – the 1100 block of North Rengstorff Avenue and the 00 and 100 blocks of West El Camino Real. The auto burglaries appear to be happening in busy parking lots, particularly near restaurants.

When you’re out and about, enjoying time with family or friends, remember to take all valuables with you. Your iPhone, iPad, laptop, purse, backpack, etc. are of value to you, and it’s never a good feeling when those things are taken by someone. Remember to also lock your car and roll up your windows! Both are easy and quick ways to help prevent auto burglaries, and doing so can give you peace of mind.

Your items are valued by you, and unfortunately, they can be valuable to someone else, whether or not they belong to them.

Should you notice that your car has been burglarized, call us immediately at 650-903-6395.

Stay safe Mountain View!

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