The Summer of Rock: Concert season and Safety at Shoreline

It’s that time of year again! Summer has practically become synonymous with the words “concert season” and we have quite a lineup coming to Shoreline Amphitheatre At Mountain View in the next few months. With each show, our officers take great care to make sure everyone not only has a good time, but also stays safe.
In this edition of the Silicon Valley Beat, we chat with Sgt. Cary Shueh, who helps coordinate safety efforts at Shoreline and reveals some of the shows and artists expected in Mountain View this summer!
Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Mountain View is home to world-renowned organizations including Google, LinkedIn, Symantec and WhatsApp. And it just so happens to house us, the Mountain View Police Department, as well!

As hosts of “The Silicon Valley Beat,” we’d love to hear your questions, feedback and would even like to see some of you on our show! You can find us on Twitter at @MountainViewPD and on Facebook.

To listen to previous podcasts on our blog, click here. You can also find our podcasts on iTunes.

Rock on — and stay safe — Mountain View!

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