MVPD officers arrest man on felony drug charges

Shout out to our officers for their hard work yesterday!

Around 9:30 a.m., our officers conducted a probation search at Kenneth Hogle’s residence on the 200 block of San Antonio Road after they learned during the course of an investigation that Hogle may have had drugs in his home.

During our search of the home, we found two teenagers who were under the influence of marijuana, which was allegedly given to them by Hogle. Our officers also found approximately 6 ounces of marijuana for sale, prescription medication for sales, methamphetamine, uncapped hypodermic needles, methamphetamine pipes and tear gas, all in plain view and within reach of the teens.

Hogle was arrested on felony narcotics charges, misdemeanor narcotics charges, a felony weapon charge (for his possession of tear gas), felony child endangerment charges and probation violations.

“In all, (officers) safely executed a successful operation, two juveniles were taken out of a very dangerous situation and a drug dealer was booked into jail,” said Sgt. Wahed Magee.


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