Residential burglar nabbed with help of alert Mountain View residents

Yesterday, around 10:40 am, a husband and wife who live on the 300 block of Yosemite Drive were at home when they heard noises coming from the front of their home.

When the husband when to the front of his home to investigate, he found 59-year-old Robert Hulstman walking out the front door with some of the couple’s personal belongings. The man tried to grab Hulstman to stop him, but Hulstman was able to run away.

Our officers immediately responded to the area – you may have seen us! – and we began looking for Hulstman. As we searched for him, a second person flagged us down and said Hulstman had gotten into her apartment, but when he spotted her inside, he ran away again. During our search of the area, we found the items that had been taken from the home on Yosemite Drive.

Around 1:15 pm, we received a call that a suspicious person was in the area of Church Street who matched Hulstman’s description. We found him a short distance away and he was positively identified. He was arrested for residential burglary and violating his probation.

We want to thank the alert Mountain View residents who helped us identify Hulstman. We appreciated it!

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