Candy, costumes and safety: A Halloween (fun) guide

We would be remiss if we didn’t admit that Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays of the year. Why, you ask? Well, all the CANDY, of course!So before we break out the trick-or-treating bags and the awesome costumes we are going to wear, we wanted to remind folks of a few safety tips for when you are out and about enjoying the Halloween spirit on Monday.
1. Cross streets at corners, and use traffic signals. They are there to tell you when to cross for a reason!

2. Look BOTH WAYS before you cross the road. It’s better to take extra precautions than to assume drivers or bicyclists see you.

3. Keep your head up. Yes, that means putting your phones away in a safe place while you are out and about.

4. Always walk on sidewalks. Don’t walk in the road or in the gutter. You never know who might not see you as they pass by!

5. Carry a flashlight or glow stick with you when you are out, and if you can, put reflective tape on your bag so that people can see you.

6. Drivers, slow down and be extra alert. Kids will be eager to get to the next house for their candy (we would be too), so be sure to be on the lookout for any stragglers who maybe running around.

7. Stay in groups when you go out, and let folks know where you will be going. Communication is key to great candy and a great, safe evening.

8. Because masks can limit or block your eyesight, consider makeup or hats to wear. You want to be sure you can see when you’re out trick-or-treating!

9. Leave the lights on at your home if you plan on being away, and lock up your doors and close your windows. If you wish to participate in the holiday festivities, leave candy on the front stoop in a well-lit area.

10. Most importantly, have fun!

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