Don’t Hit the Snooze Button on Safety When Daylight Savings Ends

It’s almost time to catch that extra hour of sleep! Daylight savings ends on Sunday, Nov. 6, and with the time change, we just wanted to remind you of a few safety tips in addition to celebrating that we all get to sleep a little longer.

When daylight savings comes to an end, that means nighttime comes a little sooner. Please remember to drive carefully as drivers may have decreased visibility. The same goes for pedestrians — don’t take that chance of crossing the road at the last second! Wait for the light to change and for the walking signal to come on.

In your home, check or replace any batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Make sure they are working before you decide to use fireplaces, portable heaters or furnaces for the first time! To help combat the cold, make a winter emergency kit for your car, which can include a blanket, flashlight, batteries, water, jumper cables and gloves.

Finally, check to make sure your fire extinguisher is still in good working order. If the needle on the gauge of extinguisher is green, chances are the extinguisher is still good. If it’s in the red, you might have to replace your extinguisher!

So, set those clocks back an hour at 2 am and enjoy your extra hour of sleep! Stay safe, Mountain View!

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