Human Trafficking Awareness Day: Raising awareness with our community

Human trafficking occurs throughout the world, even sometimes, in our own county.

Law enforcement and county officials constantly work to rescue those victims of human trafficking and prosecute those who are committing these crimes.

What is human trafficking?

According to the National Human Trafficking Hotline, it’s “… a form of modern-day slavery. This crime occurs when a trafficker uses force, fraud or coercion to control another person for the purpose of engaging in commercial sex acts or soliciting labor or services against his/her will.”

Today is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, and we wanted to share with you some resources to not only be aware of with regards to helping victims but sharing the signs of what to look for in a situation involving human trafficking.

Signs of human trafficking include individuals who:

  • Are fearful, anxious, depressed, submissive or nervous
  • Avoid eye contact
  • Appear malnourished
  • Show signs of physical restraint and have poor hygiene
  • Have no sense of time and cannot tell you what city they are in or where they live
  • Appear underage but is dressed in a risqué manner
  • Work in businesses where windows are permanently covered from the inside

For more information on human trafficking, visit

To see what efforts are being done locally to combat human trafficking, visit:

You can also call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at: 1-888-373-7888

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