Police arrest Palo Alto man connected to disturbance at local business

MVPD officers were spotted yesterday in Palo Alto after they were able to track down a man who had caused a disturbance in a local store earlier in the afternoon.

Around 2:50 pm, we responded to O’Reilly Auto Parts in the 2600 block of California Street. When we arrived, we were told by employees and witnesses that Palo Alto resident David Oakley had come into the store, upset that he had been given the wrong car part. He was extremely angry, witnesses said, and soon began yelling at employees and even hitting an uninvolved customer with a carburetor cover. Oakley then attempted to punch an employee before leaving the store. As he was driving out of the parking lot, Oakley hit a car.

Our officers responded to the scene and began to investigate where Oakley was, learning shortly thereafter that he lived in Palo Alto. We went to his residence and based on his behavior in the store, called for him to come outside. He eventually came out, but kicked one of our officers in the process and tried to kick out a window of a patrol car.

He was ultimately arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, hit and run and resisting arrest and booked into the Santa Clara County Jail.


David Oakley


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